Best Pool Umbrellas for Outdoor Pool, Garden, Beach and Field

If you’re reading this, I’m betting that if you don’t have a pool made at the backyard, I’m sure you’re planning for one. If that’s the case, then congratulations! Having a pool is a lovely addition to your home, as you can chill out with your family and friends, and like the current trend says; it serves well as part of self-care.

That said, you have a pool right underneath the sun, surely you need some good shade when you’re not in the mood to lay baked under the sun? If you agree, then a good pool umbrella is the answer.

Just like the name suggests, a pool umbrella is designed to provide privacy as well as shade for comfort, and not to mention it will enhance the aesthetic of the pool area if chosen correctly.

Hence, choosing the right pool umbrella for your needs depending on the size of the umbrella itself (relative to the size of your pool/backyard area, the material used, the style that fits with your pool if necessary, and of course, how much are you prepared to pay for.

Finding The Right Type And Size Of Pool Umbrella

As a general guide, here are the sizing tips of pool umbrella, with the number of table/chairs that fit.

For pool umbrella with its canopy measuring 5 to 7 feet in diameter, it will accommodate 30 inches table with 4 standard size chairs. For diameter, up to 8 feet will fit with 6 chairs and 40 inches table at max, and 11 to 13 feet diameter will accommodate up to 10 chairs and 48 inches for the table, comfortably.

The type and make of the pool umbrella also plays a role in deciding which model that suits your needs. The most common would be a market umbrella that’s used mostly at patio and cafe (but of course, suits for pool area if it fits) as it’s straight up an umbrella that fits in the middle with tilt adjustments that you can set it up quickly.

A cantilever offset type of umbrella is the kind that has a hanging design with a pole set off to one side for shade. This model creates an awkward angle and positioning that you can adjust to provide coverage, much better than a straight up umbrella.

But that said, each type of umbrella have their own strength that you can utilize if it fits with your needs. Straight umbrellas are definitely stable but the coverage might be limited and the movement is restricted.

as for cantilever, it’s an opposite with straight umbrella, and naturally, this type of umbrella sacrifice the stability feature. But of course, if you still want the feature and the vibe from this type of umbrella, you can always purchase an umbrella base separately.

Now we get the basics covered, let’s dive right in and browse through a list of pool umbrellas that we reviewed concisely for you, right here.

1. Tropishade 9 ft Bronze Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Rust Polyester Cover

Tropishade 9 ft Bronze Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Rust Polyester Cover

Tropishade 9 ft Bronze Aluminum Patio Umbrella with Rust Polyester Cover in use

One of the top selling pool umbrella, Tropishade 9 ft. Aluminum Patio Umbrella features not only high-quality materials but also a special feature with LED lighting included. The pool umbrella is made with a sturdy aluminum frame that can handle fairly rough weathers and durable polyester cover.  Indeed, most users purchased this model agree that this umbrella makes a worthy investment.

Tropishade’s natural color selection is also what makes customers driven to; the natural color is well-put and blends well for outdoor use, creating a homey ambiance.

Not to mention installing the umbrella is a breeze; compared with other pool umbrellas, you only need to assemble it by clicking the frame together with a button push to slide and secure the two skeleton frame together. A single flap panel at the fabric will protect the umbrella from getting inverted easily.

Unfortunately, with affordable price point also comes with a complaint or two; titling mechanism at the umbrella tend to jam frequently if not assemble correctly, and if you opt for darker colors, keep in mind that they tend to fade way faster than bright colors, especially after a couple of years of use.

At the moment, this model does not come with a strong base, which you might need to purchase separately. Don’t worry hough; we got you covered at the end of this review.

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2. Abba Patio Outdoor Patio 9-Feet Aluminum Market Table Umbrella

Abba Patio Outdoor Patio 9-Feet Aluminum Market Table Umbrella

Abba Patio Outdoor Patio 9-Feet Aluminum Market Table Umbrella in use

The Abba patio umbrella is a wonderful, high-quality product that you can consider to add to your backyard. The umbrella covers nine feet in diameter, and you can stretch it up to 55 inches.

We love this product as the material used for the shade not only  100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester material, it is also backed with UV protection, water resistant, and the colors do not fade easily.

As for the frame, it’s made from corrosion-free powder covered aluminum pole and steel ribs for weight and sturdiness.  In fact, the material combo covers more strength than other poles in the market. The only downside is the tilt mechanism is placed rather high up that it’s rather inconvenient to adjust as quickly as you’d want it. And the tilt is limited to 45 degrees at each side, pretty much what a  standard patio umbrella supposed to be. Unless you a model that can tilt and turn in any direction you want, read on.

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3. Bayside21 8′ Hula Thatched Tiki Umbrella Natural Color

Bayside21 8′ Hula Thatched Tiki Umbrella Natural Color

Get some tropical paradise and Hawaiian vibe with Bayside21 8′ Hula Thatched Tiki Umbrella. This pool umbrella not only the unique model we review in this list, but it also serves its purpose, way more than we expected.

This pool umbrella replicates a tiki umbrella, and it mixes modern material to increase it’s durability and strength, by combining aluminum for the pole and fiberglass material for the ribs – to ensure that this umbrella is supported, even in the toughest environment. As for the cover itself, it’s vented, and it’s made with polyester, it’s water-resistant, UV protected, and Teflon-coated.

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4. Best Choice Products 10ft Offset Hanging Market Patio Umbrella

Best Choice Products 10ft Offset Hanging Market Patio Umbrella

The Best Choice umbrella is by far one of the best to review. Design for enough coverage and comfort, this pool umbrella is made with waterproof polyester for cover and powder-coated aluminum pole that is rust-free.

The sturdy base at the bottom means it’s unlikely to flip over even in stormy weather (a few users of this umbrella can attest to that). plus, the crank mechanism flows effortlessly for you to easily open and close it as needed. For this particular function itself, Best Choice Products come in close to Tropishade umbrellas.

A unique feature with this model is the height. 10 feet is bigger than other models and this gives you a wide space to place chairs, sofas, and tables underneath, or perhaps a hot tub as well.

For additional feature, the umbrella comes with a sturdy base with weight equal to 60 liters of water.

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5. Abba Patio Offset Cantilever 9-Feet Outdoor Patio Hanging Umbrella

Abba Patio Offset Cantilever 9-Feet Outdoor Patio Hanging Umbrella

Another Abba pool umbrella that comes into the list; the cover is made from polyester and surprisingly a lot of users that bought this umbrella noted that the material indeed lasts for years.

This model is also waterproof, fade resistant, and UV protected (lasts up to 1000 hours) and the design is made to support airflow for comfort, while the frame is made superbly to be corrosion resistant with powder coated aluminum pole is made with a bronze finish and steel ribs for stability.

A notable feature of this model is the crank mechanism is easy to use to open and close the umbrella as needed, wrapped easily with a thick velcro to keep it secure. When in use, you can tilt it up to six positions for comfort (instead of moving the whole umbrella around) and rotate it a full circle with a nail mechanism at the pole.

While the base of this umbrella is stable enough for the most environment, it’s highly encouraged that you purchased an umbrella base separately for added stability.

Yes, there’s even umbrella base sold at the store, to provide a stable base if your umbrella doesn’t have one, or perhaps you want to add extra weight so the umbrella you have won’t get topple off easily.

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1. DC America UBP18181-BR 18-Inch Cast Stone Umbrella Base

DC America UBP18181-BR 18-Inch Cast Stone Umbrella Base

A study based made and attractive design from stone to prevent from rust and the material is definitely sturdy enough to hold the umbrella in place, with the middle part have a plastic insert that can hold for 1″ or a 1 1/2″ pole, or without the insert holds a 2” pole.

And you can choose either 18 inches or 24 inches in diameter and keep in mind that this will take a considerable space when fitting with your umbrella.

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2. US Weight 50 Pound Umbrella Base

US Weight 50 Pound Umbrella Base 

US Weight 50 Pound Umbrella Base is definitely a solid choice, but take note that the umbrella base is to be used only with a patio table. Made with UV-stabilized polymer that is corrosion free and prefilled with 50 pounds of a solid concrete core to withstand any weather condition.

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Product Link: Umbrella Light

3. OYOCO Patio Umbrella LightUmbrella Pole Light for Patio Umbrellas

OYOCO Patio Umbrella LightUmbrella Pole Light for Patio Umbrellas
Various use scenario

A top choice for LED lighting paired together with a patio umbrella, the energy-saving LED light is easy to assemble by clamping it at the pole (maximum diameter 1.81 inches) or hook it anywhere suitable.

Comes with three brightness level and requires 4*AA batteries, and you can use the light not just to attached at the umbrella; use to it practically anywhere outdoor that you can hang the light, as a light source.

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9. AMIR Patio Umbrella Light 3 Lighting Modes

AMIR Patio Umbrella Light 3 Lighting Modes

Various use scenario

One of the top choice for LED light, this model is updated from the previous version with 28 LED (220 lux) lights with 3 brightness level, using 4 AA batteries. For each brightness level, it’s suitable enough for reading, BBQ, and gathering parties.

The portable light is made from strong ABS plastic, easily mounted at the umbrella pole to use. You can close the umbrella and it won’t affect the LED light assembly. Keep in mind that this product is not waterproof – you still need to take it off in prolong rainy season.

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