Blank Skateboard Decks – Best Skateboard Decks for DIY Designs

For anyone that’s passionate with skateboarding, getting your own blank skateboard decks is not odd; there are a lot of reasons why getting one is essential for their hobby. Interestingly enough, the pros are more inclined to get a blank deck to tweak it, paint it, and adjust it according to their style. As long as the wood is good, anything else comes second. And right here, we are reviewing best blank skateboard decks that you can purchase and try it out for yourself.

Rest assured, you still be getting a professional-level of skateboard decks at a fraction of a cost, simply because the manufacturers don’t need to add in the cost of colors and prints onto the decks – just refining the decks and be done with it.

In a way, the cost also attracts skateboarder on a budget. Blank decks are cheaper compared with painted ones of the same quality. And with blank decks, you can adjust, DIY it, and decorate it as you wish (it’s a lot less hassle anyway).

How To Choose Skateboard Deck For Me?

Length And Width

For a start (especially if you’re buying it online), look at the length of the skateboard, taken from the nose, right up to the tail and the normal range would be 28 and 32 inches (the longer, ad naturally narrow ones are usually made for the pros or you plan to make a lot of complicated flips). While the width falls between 7.5”and 8.75” (a tip: wider board are more stable, lower center of gravity, and provide better performance).

Board Shape

The concave shape of the deck also plays an important role as it allows you a more footholds compared to a flat plank board. The common shape includes a radial concave (shaped like a U) that covers for nearly all styles in skateboarding. A progressive has an additional steep wall for a more secure footing, while the flat base is a rare type that gives more room for the feet to move around while doing stunts.

Construction Of The Deck

The whole construction of the board varies from each manufacturer (and designer) but generally speaking, the steps are pretty much the same with maple wood being the most common material in making the decks for its flexibility and durability that stays strong even if you modeled the wood into shape.

The woods are made into ply instead of a single plank of wood for a stronger board that are able to withstand impacts and cracks. Different designs have their own layers of wood ply – some may have 5 to 7 as the most common number while other brands go as far as 9, depending on the design and the combination of the material used. As a basic guide, a skateboard made with maple wood for a start and comes with a minimum 2 ply is enough for beginners to try.

So yes, blank skateboard decks are still a good option for you to consider. If you (or you’re buying for someone) that’s either a beginner or a pro, blank skateboard decks are still a good choice for you.

Let’s skate right through it and find which blank skateboard decks a good purchase for you.

1. Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck (Colors May Vary)

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck

We think that Warning blank decks are the perfect choice for anyone starting their first foray into skateboarding. The boards are inexpensive (relative to other brands reviewed here) and yet made with high-quality material that will last you for years, with proper care. For a decent board, this is definitely the one to start.

The decks come in either 7.75 or 8 inches and these are the right size for you to skate at either the park or the street. The overall weight of the board is somewhere in the middle that it’s suitable for most weight ranges – too light and the board will fly; too heavy the board will be hard for you to flip it over and learning the tricks. As a bonus point, a steep concave design at the end of the board makes it handy for you to make hard turns while skating.

Check it out here !

2. Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

One of the popular brands for good blank skateboard decks, Moose boards are designed to cover comfort, performance and style while skating your way at the street. Made from high quality and durable pale wood ply, the stylish-looking board adds a handy grip on the surface that you can ride it safely while learning the trick.

Moose boards are on the lighter side but with added grip surface you can be sure that it won’t easily fly off while you skate. The U-shaped concave added to increase overall stability no matter how fast you’re moving, and overall design of the board is relatively steep at the available to you on the market.

Moose board also comes in a natural finish for an understated look.

Check it out here ! (Understated look)

Check it out here ! (Natural Look)

3. CCS Skateboard Complete – Color Logo and Natural Wood

CCS Skateboard Complete – Color Logo and Natural Wood 

This is the brand that has been making skateboard decks for decades and their boards are consistently perform well that you can be sure of their quality. Made with multi-layered maple wood, the blank deck is designed in concave shape for stability and better control while you’re moving, as well as giving your feet more room to move around as you’re flipping some stunts.

Both nose and tail at the end are nicely shaped, with the concave design is perfect for both park and street skater. What we love the most is the board look and feels are made to last – they’re significantly tougher compared with other brands we reviewed here, and after putting a bit of abuse we can be sure this beauty will last for long. For that, we highly recommend this brand (especially for beginners) that you can use to work your way up, as a professional.

Check it out here !

4. Bamboo Skateboards Blank Short Board Deck, Natural, 7.0″ X 28″

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Short Board Deck, Natural, 7.0″ X 28″

Bamboo Skateboards covers style and functionality in their deck design, it’s not surprising the brand is commonly used by the pros as well.

Bamboo Skateboards comes in different sizes to choose from and as a tip, if you’re still a beginner, choose the extra width for added stability, and work your way up to a more narrow deck.

Only the highest-quality materials (combining maple and bamboo; hence, the brand name) are used to make their skateboards and shaped with regular concave U-shaped with a short tail at the end. As a result, Bamboo Skateboards produces boards that are flexible, lightweight stable, and durable for long term use.

Unlike other brands, the concave design for Bamboo Skateboards is significantly deeper to give you far better control (a bonus point especially for beginners) when skating, taking turns and making stunts and flips.

Check it out here !

5. Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck | 7.75, 8.0, 8.25 and 8.5 Inch | Maple Board for Skating

Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck | 7.75, 8.0, 8.25 and 8.5 Inch | Maple Board for Skating

Cal 7 blank decks provide quality and size ranges that fit both amateur and professional skaters. Both nose and tail design are appropriately shaped that you can flip tricks effortlessly, plus the concave design is decent enough to provide all of the stability you need while skating down flipping tricks (not as deep as Bamboo, but decent enough for a good start).

The unique feature of Cal 7 blanks is their boards are made with seven-ply construction that is durable and certainly made to last. In short, Cal 7 blanks covers everything that you need from stability, design, and durability that it’s a good choice for both beginners and professional skaters.

Check it out here !

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