Crank Up the Fun- 7 Best Kids Inflatable Water Slide

Are you looking for a good inflatable water slide? You come to the right place then. Right here are the reviews that we tested and compiled on the best inflatable water slide that your kids can use so they can spend the time outside during summer. Some people might regard this as wasteful spending but hey if you have a few young kids (and a couple near your house) as well as a large space for your home, why not get one and let the kids play and be kids?

Plus, these inflatable water slides are way more convenient than before; you can set it up and store it after use especially when the summer ends, unlike the previous models that are permanent and need special coverage to protect the water structure from harsh winter.

Now, let’s look through which of the inflatable water slide is the right one for you!

1. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

If you want a simple purchase from good brands, look no further than Little Tikes, the number one brand when it comes to kids toys that rival with Fischer Price. Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer is one huge inflatable slide that parents simply love it because of the quality and the fun it brings. 

There’s even a surprise dump bucket that pours water onto the kids as they climb up if you need for some extra fun. 

Fits up to four medium-sized kids at a time (probably one parent each can fit in as well) with a total weight limit of 350 pounds. 

There’s nothing on the downside that we look, except for the price of course. But considering the feature and the quality this beauty brings, we think that it’s an investment that you can use for years to come.

Check it out here !

2. Wow World of Watersports Super Slide l 25′ x 6′ Water Slide

Wow World of Watersports Super Slide l 25′ x 6′ Water Slide

If you prefer some simple slide and glide at the backyard then Wow World of Watersports Super Slide will be a good, solid purchase. Featuring 25 feet length for the slide with zig-zag spray pattern sprinkler system on the side panel (connects easily to a water hose), this slide is what you need for a no-frills play and having a small hill that can serves as a booster to glide down the slide (or perhaps serves as an additional option to other play structures that you have in the backyard). Additionally, this package also comes with a two 36″x24″ Mega sleds to soften the impact during sliding and creating a more slippery slide.

The slide is made with high quality, thick PVC material that will last for this tough slide and for years to come. And for a simple slide like this model, there’s nothing wrong with it (if you think limited color options is a bummer) and even the price is affordable (considering the quality of the PVC used that’s thicker unlike other slides). You can even purchase multiple sets of these and combined with their customized connection system to make your slide design. 

Comes with a complimentary air pump that you can use to inflate the slide. 

Check it out here !

3. BANZAI Pipeline Twist Kids Inflatable Outdoor Water Pool Aqua Park and Slides

BANZAI Pipeline Twist Kids Inflatable Outdoor Water Pool Aqua Park and Slides

There’s nothing to say about BANZAI Pipeline Twist Kids Inflatable Outdoor Water Pool except this inflatable slide is huuugee! The slide right here is super spacious and fits well for both kids and adults to play for hours of fun. Comes with two twisting slides and two built-in water cannons for fun. There’s even also a climbing wall, a vortex tunnel, and a clubhouse for more playtime. 

Surely this model will need to handle all the jumps and tumbles from multiple kids in one go and the slide right here uses heavy duty Duratec material that is super durable and provides soft landings for the kids. At most, this inflatable slide can handle up to 150 pounds of maximum weight.

Compared with other models in this list, we noticed that for such a big slide it inflates rather quickly (less than five minutes) and yes, the package even includes a blower motor and a hose for a hassle-free process for the parents. 

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with Banzai right here unless you consider the price is expensive, it matches well considering the size and the quality of this mega pool. The only thing you need to consider right here is if you have enough space at the backyard to put this beauty and how many persons that will benefit from using this pool (I’m sure, including the parents as well).

Check it out here !

4. Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park

If you want something smaller than the Banzai, Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park is the perfect choice for you. Sporting a slide (with a sprinkler at the top) that ends with a pool and a canon that rivals big water guns, this model is awesome to play in and coupled with thick PVC materials that are used we know that this inflatable slide is a good product to consider.

Not surprisingly, this slide can inflate within two minutes, and you can start filling them up with water to play and the best part is it can handle up to six kids no problem. We love that the slide also deflates quickly that you can store them in a minute without any worry (for some impromptu barbecue?). 

Safety features include a safety netting and multiple anchor points for security. Comes with a blower and storage straps as well. Measuring 205 x 130 inches. 

Check it out here !

5. Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Inflatable Bouncer

Another Little Tikes model worthy for a mention, this one known as 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Inflatable Bouncer will have your kids splashing in the water with joy, along with his/her friends too! The inflatable slide right here serves as a two-in-one slide and bouncer combo that the kids (and one adult?) can play for hours.

The dry bouncer features a spacious surface and a basketball hoop, as well as a crawl tunnel covered with a safety netting through the entrance, and climb your way through a climbing wall. The dry bouncer features a spacious surface and a basketball hoop, as well as a crawl tunnel covered with a safety netting through the entrance, and climb your way through a climbing wall.

A good feature from this play structure is you can use it for all year round – add water for the pool during summer or you can use it as a dry bouncer for all-year fun, up to 350 pounds for maximum weight capacity. 

Comes with a heavy-duty blower and a GFCI plug, stakes, a repair kit (a big bonus right here), and a storage bag. A 90-day limited warranty.

Check it out here !

6. Kahuna Twin Peaks Kids Inflatable Splash Pool Backyard Water Slide Park

Kahuna Twin Peaks combines the design from Banzai in a size similar to Blast Zone in one adequate, super fun inflatable slide. Built with two slides on the side and ends with a big pool and a climbing in the middle. There are even two basketball hoops that the children can enjoy with more creative play. And enjoying the fun is a breeze and this beauty can inflate in just two minutes. 

The slide is made with high-quality, machine-woven PVC fabric lines and double-stitched seams for durability. The slide is added with double tube walls so the slide won’t easily tip over.  

The downside is considering the size it’s a bit pricey in our opinion. But if you want to go all out, Kahuna Twin Peaks is a great choice for you. 

Check it out here !

7. JumpOrange Commercial Grade Inflatable 18′ Jungle Zoo Super Party Water Slide

JumpOrange Commercial Grade Inflatable 18′ Jungle Zoo Super Party Water Slide

JumpOrange Commercial Grade Inflatable Jungle Zoo Super Party Water Slide is sure is one giant 18-foot party slide that you can enjoy for years. Made from heavy-duty puncture and flame resistant commercial grade PVC vinyl material, with quadruple stitched and reinforced webbing strips for total security – this beast is not easy to topple over to handle all the jumps from the kids. 

We love that the overall design is superb and colorful design gives a visual appeal without being too bright compared to Little Tikes. Plus, there’s even an overhead netting to prevent potential injuries to the jumpers. Since this slide is the main part, you can add optional attachments such as a Slip N Slide, Dart Board Banner with balls, a detachable dry landing, and a sandbag

Even with such a gigantic structure, inflating and deflating them is easy peasy and can be done within minutes – you don’t want to worry for setting it up for a quick part.

The downside is the price that are a bit pricey considering it’s a simple slide (yes, we know it’s one huge slide). 

Check it out here !

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