The Best Water Purification Tablets/Purifiers in 2019-2020 for Outdoor Use

For anyone that wants some fast, effective methods even during camping, water purifier tablets should be your important items to pack. After all, who wants to wait for 4 hours for the water to boiled and sterilized, when you can get it done in less than an hour?

These water purifier tabs come in a small package that makes it super convenient to purify any water that you want to use, from viruses and bacteria as well as various microorganisms that can be dangerous to the health (especially if you have kids tagging along).

Read here, our comprehensive reviews of water purifier tablets that you can bring along while camping, or perhaps keep a tablet or two inside your bag for any impromptu drinking at any unsafe areas.

1. DayOne Response P&G Purifier of Water

DayOne Response P&G Purifier of Water

One of the tops listed air purifier tablets; DayOne Response P&G Purifier takes just 30 minutes to treat 10 liters of water in a single tablet – good enough for regular camping and uses, especially for emergencies. Each tablet works by removing all of the pollutants, viruses, bacteria strains, as well as giving fresh-tasting water to drink (instead of clinical-kind of taste usually associated with sterilized water).

Apart from quick action that we love with this brand, each tablet is sealed in a single package to ensure cleanliness and a pictograph at the back of package for easy to read instructions, handy especially during emergencies.

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2. Potable Aqua Pa+Plus Water Purification

Potable Aqua Pa+Plus Water Purification

The iodine-based water purifier tablets from Potable Aqua Pa+Plus Water Purification take just 30 minutes with each tab contained 20mg of TGHP to release 8mg of germicidal iodine for purification. Unlike other brands, this one comes in a two-step tablet where the first one will purify the water, while the second is used to neutralize the iodine after taste and color, giving you a taste like treated, sterilized water. But hey, unless you don’t mind chugging the iodine infused water, be my guest. Keep in mind that Potable Aqua Pa+Plus Water Purification comes with either two-step tablets (labeled as PA+) or just one step, to suit your needs.

And compared with other brands listed in this review, Potable Aqua Pa+Plus Water Purification comes with 4-year life span (1 year if opened) that are higher than other brands – so I’d highly recommend to stock up a couple of packages from Potable here for emergencies. Indeed, this particular brand is commonly used by military and emergency organizations worldwide, on top of approved by the EPA itself.

Simply add the tablet and close the container for 5 minutes, shake it thoroughly and wait for another half an hour.

The downside is although Potable is effective against Giardia, bacteria, and viruses, it’s tested to not be good enough against Cryptosporidium – the very thing that we need to purify it from.

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3. Polar Pure Iodine Water Filter Purifier Sterilizes 2,000 Quarts

Polar Pure Iodine Water Filter Purifier Sterilizes 2,000 Quarts

Just like Potable, Polar Pure is also an iodine-based solution that kills microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria in your drinking water. The whole setup is easy as you simply add water to the container and wait for an hour before it’s ready to drink.

The bottle shows clearly the direction for the dosage to put the iodine into the water. But just to give you a rough idea; a capful of the solution is enough for 1 liter of water (full bottle can treat up to 2000 qt of water).

Plus, we love the bottle is small enough to fit in your palms for convenience and ease of storage (especially for camping, where space and storage is a scarcity).

True, the one hour wait can be a major point to consider especially if you have emergencies. Thus, it’s best to consider Polar Pure as something that you use strictly for leisure camping and water uses and reserves something like Potable for emergencies.

The downside is — just like other iodine-based water purifiers — is the taste of iodine is detectable but at least it’s not overpowering to put you off from drinking the purified water. In any case, you can bring along a concentrated juice to flavor the water a bit for a more appealing taste.

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4. Mightie Company Worlds #1 Water Purification Tablets – Aquatabs

Mightie Company Worlds #1 Water Purification Tablets – Aquatabs

If you are a seasoned camper, you might hear and see how Mightie Company Worlds #1 Water Purification Tablets from Aquatabs is used – this brand is one of the best when it comes to purify the water within 30 minutes and treat it fully with good after taste!

Each individually packaged tablet works to purify bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and it’s effective against cholera and typhoid as well. Plus, these tablets have a five-year shelf life (although some claims are much shorter than that).

Unlike DayOne, Aquatabs might have a slight inconvenience here as the directions to use behind the package is worded instead in the form for pictures/graphics that you need to read through the dosage before using – a point to consider just in case you’re in an emergency where DayOne triumphs over in this feature.

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5. Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets

Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets

Unlike iodine-based tablets, Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets is chlorine-dioxide based with a capacity of one tablet for one liter of water. The package is easy to open and durable perfect for rough expeditions as well as for emergencies.

And surprisingly, we love that you only need 15 minutes for the tablet to work its magic for a start, followed by 30 minutes for potential Giardia, and 4 hours for Cryptosporidium – still a major point as you might stay in places where there’s no Cryptosporidium in the water. But if it is, that might be a hindrance since you need to wait that long.

The tablets also have five years for a shelf life that it’s handy for you to stock it up. And what we love the most is the tablet doesn’t give us any foul after taste unlike other iodine or chlorine-based tablets do. Keep in mind with all of the positive features listed, some users reported that Katadyn might irritate the throat although this issue is still minor.

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6. Aquatabs AQT100 Water Purification Tablets (Pack of 100)

Aquatabs AQT100 Water Purification Tablets (Pack of 100)

Aquatabs, the chlorine-based tablets are included in this list due to its features that meet each EPA standards that you can be sure of the quality and certainly this brand is popular among backpackers, militaries and emergency responders.

Each main pack contains individually wrapped 100 tabs (20 each) that treat 200 qt of water. And each tablet has a five-year shelf-life. The downside is Aquatabs is not powerful enough to be effective against Cryptosporidium – it only works for bacteria, Giardia, viruses, and living microorganism in 30 minutes.

In our test, the aftertaste is so-so; not that refreshing but not chemically either (you can add flavored water if you need) and looking through the package we found the foil packaging is not durable and ut puts each tablet at risk for exposure, not to mention the tablets themselves crumbled at some point that it can be an inconvenience when using the tablets to purify the water.

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