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Beard Butter Review – Selection of Best Beard Butter to Tame, Nourish and Grow Healthy Beard

Unlike before where we usually see men in a bushy mess, nowadays we’re looking at properly groomed, tamed, and well-cared beards that invite us feeling curious and envy. The secret? A good product of beard butter, created specifically to nourish, tame, and grow a healthy beard that you can show the world, with confidence. Not only it’s for the hair, the butter is good for the skin too.

As we said, good beard butter is not only good for the hair; the cream also nourishes and moisturizes the skin underneath, preventing the skin from flaking and peeling off, causing you irritation.

Basically, a beard butter is similar to a beard oil, added with creams and/or emollients (usually from coconut, cocoa or shea butter) for texture, as well as being a ‘carrier’ for the essential oils, vitamins and lubricants to deliver the benefits to the beard hair and the skin underneath. Plus, their moisturizing and conditioning capabilities far more superior than beard oil or beard balms.

Certain beard butter also has an added wax (the commonly used ingredient is beeswax.) to shape and give a hold for the beard to keep them in shape, preventing any flyaway hair that not only look unappealing. This can be handy if you have long beards, where the moisturizing formula will keep the hair conditioned, while the wax will keep the hair stay in shape.

And yes, using a good beard butter can also give the beard a healthy shine. 😉

Simply take a bit of the butter and apply it sparingly to the hair, shaping the beard just like what you want.

Now we know what the fuss about beard butter is all about, let’s look at the selection of the product that we’ve curated for you to look through and find which one (or two!) that suits you.

1. Beard Balm Conditioner for Men — Wild Willie’s Beard Butter

Wild Willie’s Beard Butter 

If you’ve been researching a lot on beard butter, you probably come across Wild Willie’s – the brand is considered to be the most popular around the world, and we couldn’t agree more.

The beard butter is fully handmade from USA (with all of the 13 ingredients in the formula are sourced locally) and none of the preservatives, coloring, and fragrances.

13 ingredients as mentioned, in the mix with carrier oils, essential oils, and beeswax as the base formula for the premium butter in a creamy texture that we think is the first option for you to consider in a purchase. Not only the butter works to fight split ends, tame and condition the hair (right through the follicle), they can also nourish your skin with the formula – expect itchy beards and skin all in one go.

Applying the butter is easy but keeps in mind the formula is quite thick – just a light scoop at the fingertips is enough for a medium-size beard, and apply sparingly onto the hair, massaging it into your skin (we recommend to warm the palms of your hands for easier application.). The butter smells nice and masculine, with notes of tea tree oil.

Check it out here !

2. Live Bearded Pine, Cedar, Vetiver, Bergamont Beard Butter, The American All Natural Beard Butter

Live Bearded Pine, Cedar, Vetiver, Bergamont Beard Butter, The American All Natural Beard Butter

Made with shea butter as the base, Live Bearded Beard Butter mixes oils of coconut, jojoba, avocado, grapeseed, and a number of essential oils to create a rich, nourishing butter that benefits both your beard and skin.

Scooping up the butter feels luxurious. With hints of cloves, vanilla and citrus tang from the essential oil gives a pleasant scent that’s also a hit for the women, plus the combination of oils formulated in the butter does its job in keeping the hair thoroughly conditioned, taming any frizz and flyaway hair, and yet they won’t weigh the beard down with oiliness (the formula absorbs rather quickly.).

One thing you need to consider is since the butter is made with lots of oil, you need to keep the jar in a cool dry place for the butter stay in solid, otherwise, it’ll melt all over. The issue commonly happens with the butter spilled all over upon receiving as it gets stored under hot temperature during delivery. Just a word of safety, we’re sure don’t want y ou to waste this good butter.

Check it out here !

3. Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Butter – 2 oz. Corktown

Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Butter – 2 oz. Corktown

A vintage-looking beard butter and comes in tobacco, vanilla and cedarwood for a masculine, pleasant scent. Made from a mix of coconut oi and shea butter with vitamins, antioxidants and a couple of nutrients to ensure that your beard stays nourished for hours – and looking good while you’re at it.

Overall impression f the butter is nice – the texture is pleasant (as in not too soft not to hard to scoop it out) and the butter is easy to apply (again, we highly recommend that you warm your palms before applying the butter for easy application). The vanilla and tobacco scent can be overpowering for some, but it dissipates away within 30 minutes so we think this may not be a big deal.

What we love with this butter is the base stays solid enough even in higher temperature so you don’t have to worry for any spill – a great feature if you want to pack during travel, especially in a warm climate. For a mere, 2 ounces in weight, this beard butter makes an excellent choice for you to use at home, or during travel.

Check it out here !

4. Maestro’s Classic Mark of a Man Beard Butter, 3 Ounce

Maestro’s Classic Mark of a Man Beard Butter, 3 Ounce

In our opinion, this beard butter looking and feeling more like a women’s facial cream than a ‘manly’ beard butter that we expect. But Maestro’s Classic Mark of a Man Beard Butter did a good job in shaping and conditions the hair, as we’ll as being super moisturizing for the skin.

The rich texture means you only need to use a little bit for the butter to work – a big bonus as too much of the cream can make your beard oily and weighs it down (a big no-no when it comes to styling your beard). As a comparison, Maestro’s beard butter is rather rich compared to Wild Willie’s Beard.

Check it out here !

5. Beard Butter with Grotein

Our first take with Beard Butter with Grotein is the packaging; it looks like commercially made and overall design gives you a sense of expertise. Diving in, we test the butter to know if the product works exactly as advertised and we’re definitely not disappointed.

Beard Butter with Grotein is all about moisturization and light enough that you can use for the whole day. In fact, their unique formula helps to fill in patchy areas to give you a full-blown beard you always wanted. The butter not only conditions the beard with shea butter and coconut oil, but it also stimulates the follicle (thank to castor oil and Mulberry extract.) for healthy hair growth.

The butter is rich (but not too rich like Wild Willie’s Beard) that it’s light enough to use multiple times a day. The butter absorbs quickly, and just a little bit of the product is enough to keep your hair condition and frizziness at bay. You can even use it to soothe chapped lips!

A word of caution: the formula in this butter is made with nut-related ingredients that it may cause you an allergic reaction if you’re allergic to nuts.

Check it out here !

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