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Stay Fabulous- The Best Automatic Hair Curler

I don’t know about you, but automatic hair curlers are seriously a heaven-sent for anyone that uses this kind of tool on a daily basis. These hair curlers do make the whole hair curling a lot easier simply because the barrels can be rotated automatically instead you have to manipulate the hair into the barrel by yourself – yes, such tools do exist in real life.

That’s pretty much the big benefit of owning one automatic hair curlers. Plus, you’re less likely to burn your fingers during the process to put a bunch of hair and roll it into the barrel to shape it – automatic hair curlers take care of that and you wait while the hair is curled beautifully, effortlessly.

That said, with so many automatic hair curlers available in the market; it’s best to do some of the research beforehand before purchasing so it complements with what your hair needs, apart from a different brand have their features that you need to consider. 

For a start, decide the right hair curler for your needs, based on these requirements such as heat settings and how many are available in the tool, the material used to make the barrel (a major point as it can either make your hair smooth or snag them during styling), as well as types of barrel that depend with your preferences. 

Enough of the intro; let’s dive right in with the reviews of the best automatic hair curlers to find which model is suitable for you. 

1. Kiss products Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Curling Iron

Kiss products Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Curling Iron

Are you looking for an automatic curling iron without breaking your wallet, KISS Ceramic Instawave is might what you’re looking for. Apart from being affordable, this hair curler works just as expected. The budget-friendly option right here is perfect for anyone that’s still new to the whole hair curling and styling scene, and figuring out with what works with your hair in a minimal budget is definitely appealing.

Featuring a tangle-free design, the chic-looking hair curler right here is suitable for various hair types, from fine to coarse hair. Use them in either low or high heat setting and coupled with a ceramic barrel the heat is distributed evenly for an effortless curl every single time, and you can even choose the direction you want to curl with this hair tool. 

Check it out here !

2. Conair Fashion Curl Curling Iron, Pink

Conair Fashion Curl Curling Iron, Pink

The brand is well-known for superb hair tools and this one Conair Fashion Curl Curling Iron is also up for the job for some effortless hair curling action. In fact, it’s one of the most reviewed product on Amazon that we put it as second on the list. 

A reliable and well-made product that offers three curl styles for you to choose, and it’s suitable from fine to thick hair types (coarse hair type is not suitable for this hair curler). We love that this hair tool is compact yet it delivers the result compared with other large size hair curlers in the same range, thanks to the tourmaline ceramic tech in the barrel that also works wonderfully to reduce hair frizz. Plus, we love a sleep mode and auto shut down feature for safety as well as prolonging the life expectancy of this hair tool. 

Come with two heat settings, 6-inch swivel cord (in our opinion, a bit short as 8 feet should be the ideal length), as well as a brushless motor for precise styling. And a two-year warranty. 

Check it out here !

3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine

What’s not to love about BaByliss? The brand is one of the most mentioned when it comes to hair tools and indeed they deliver with every single item in their hair tools collection. For a start, BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine is distinctive from other hair curlers in the market as it uses steam to assist and set the hair to prolong the shape that you want throughout the day, up to 24 hours. 

Instead of the automatic rotating barrel like other hair curlers, this model heats small sections of hair (by feeding them into the chamber), depending on the heat setting and the type of curl you’re looking for. The hair curler will beep after four, eight, ten and twelve-second intervals to alert you. 

The downside is apart from the hefty price tag; there’s a chance that your hair might get snag more frequently compared with ceramic barrels. 

Check it out here !

4. CHI Air Spin N Curl Products

CHI Air Spin N Curl Products

CHI Air Spin N Curl Products is one of a kind hair curler right here in the market, featuring a rotating ceramic barrel that will give off curls that you want in a record time. What impresses us is the heat is distributed evenly and rather quickly compared with other models – all you need to do is to put a small amount of hair into the placement inside the hair tool, set the direction of the curl that you want and the temperature (in three settings), and you’re done – nice curls coming out of it no problemo.

And we love that this hair tool also features a timer and LCD display that shows you the mode and current temperature.

The two curl direction buttons allow you to curl your hair either in the left direction or right direction. Also, the curling iron features a Timer and LCD display which shows you the current temperature.

Come with a two-year warranty.

Check it out here !

5. MENQANG automatic curling iron

MENQANG automatic curling iron

MENQANG automatic curling iron is one sturdy-looking hair curling iron that you might want to consider, as the features are certainly impressive.

Featuring a steam and heat combo to create curls to your hair, this hair curler won’t damage the strands while in the process as it uses ceramic in the heating chamber to distribute negative ions to minimize frizz and heat damage. 

Simply press the button accordingly and set the temperature and timer that you need (high time count for tighter curls), the hair curler will draw a small section of your hair into the chamber and holds it until it’s heated enough, before alerting you with a couple of beeps. A notable feature is the LCD display that will show you heat, timer, and curl direction setting. 

For an automatic hair curler, this price is super affordable. 

Check it out here !

6. VAV- 2 in 1 Normal Comb and Curling Brush Dual Voltage Anti-Scald Hair Curler

VAV- 2 in 1 Normal Comb and Curling Brush Dual Voltage Anti-Scald Hair Curler 

The simple, pretty hair curler right here from VAV is a good choice for a reasonably priced, automatic hair curler. Featuring tourmaline plastic comb that is heat resistant and ceramic ionic tech at the barrel for fast and even heating, as well as reducing frizz and creating a smooth and soft curl. 

At a glance, this hair tool is easy to hold, and the ergonomic handle makes it easier to control and navigate while styling and curling your hair. Plus, the non-slip feature means you’re less likely to have accidents where the hair tool might accidentally slip off. 

The downside is this hair tool does not come with an auto shut off feature and that’s pretty much the only thing about this hair tool. Other than that, this is a decent product that you can use on a regular basis without any worry. 

Come with a two-year warranty.

Check it out here !

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