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Keeping Your Baby Close – The Best Baby Wrap For Toddler

There’s a truth when we see mothers in traditional cultures, wrapping their baby in a sling wrap. A mother’s touch is beneficial for the baby, not to mention the little one just loves being cuddled and kissed nearly all the time. That said, cuddling and cooing with them will take up your time when there’s so much to get done (or keeping up with your social media). What do you need to do to meet them in the middle anyway? A good baby wrap, that is.

As the name suggests, a baby wrap is essentially a long piece of fabric that you tie along and knot accordingly around you at the shoulder and hip to create a small pouch (or pocket if you will) for the little one to sit inside comfortably. The way the fabric knots and placed around you will distribute the baby’s weight across your body so you won’t suffer unnecessary pressure point from carrying around the little one for so long.

Plus, baby wraps are generally designed to be free of rings, buckles, and/or claps so the metal pieces won’t dig into the baby’s body.

What makes a wrap so appealing among mommas is you can use from newborn up to one year or so, with you’ll be using most of it in the first few months, when babies at that time are generally clingy to their mothers (I did go through the same thing).

And considering how babies can get clingy to their parents, I personally think that baby wrap can be one of the essential baby gears that you need to have, and right here we compiled a list of the best ones that you can consider for purchase. Because surely you want a good quality wrap that grows with your baby.

1. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier, Grey – Original Child Newborn Sling

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier, Grey – Original Child Newborn Sling

When we’re talking about baby wraps, you gotta include Boba Wrap Baby Carrier in the list. Being one of the top-selling wraps in the States for a good reason, for more than two years.

Indeed, the wraps are a dream to wear; the fabric is super comfortable (made with French terry cloth mixed with spandex) and can be adjusted and stretched to accommodate all shapes and sizes for both mummy and baby (a good point for mums to consider, especially if they’re on the plus-side) as well as being more forgiving while you’re learning the ways to wrap your baby. The wrap nicely for babies from newborn and up to a year and a half.

The fabric used is true of high quality; it glides easily to touch as there’s no sagging during wear, even after long periods. Used correctly, the wrap can support your baby, providing spine support at the back.

Come with a lifetime guarantee, that’s how good this wrap is.

Check it out here !

2. Baby Wrap – Ergo Baby Carrier by CuddleBug – Available in 9 Colors

Baby Wrap – Ergo Baby Carrier by CuddleBug – Available in 9 Colors 

Another baby wrap that comes close with Boba, CuddleBug baby wrap is one versatile baby gear that you can include in your to-buy list of baby items. The fabric piece (made from a blend of French cotton and spandex) is about 1.5 feet wide. At a glance, the fabric is well made, stretchy, has a nice thickness and yet not heavy to carry and wear it. CuddleBug baby wrap works well around your shoulders to distribute the weight and can support kids up to 35 pounds.

We said it was a versatile wrap as you can use it as a nursing cover, a sling carrier, or even as a postpartum belt (a major point for budget-seekers parents that favors multitasking products). Since there are no buckles or other types of metal attachments to the wrap, using the fabric other ways will suit you just fine.

Plus, we love that the mix of cotton spandex that still regulates the heat reasonably; you can wear it all year without any worry for the baby to keep warm, especially while you’re on the go.

Come in nine attractive colors to choose from. Our tip: it’s a good idea to buy two of this beauty, one in the black when going out (you can cover stains much better this way) and the other can be your favorite color to wear at home.

Compared with Boba Wrap, the fabric from CuddleBug baby wrap tend to get loose and slouchy after a while and you may need to regularly re-wrapped it a couple of time,s especially if the baby moves around a lot.

Check it out here !

3. Moby Classic Baby Wrap (Black) – Baby Wearing Wrap for Parents On The Go

Moby Classic Baby Wrap (Black) – Baby Wearing Wrap for Parents On The Go 

The longtime classic has been standalone of favorite wraps (until Boba gets to the top spot) and it’s still looking pretty good to us. Moby Classic Baby Wrap can handle from newborn to kids up to 35 pounds.

The fabric is made with 100% cotton, that still provides a bit of stretch to the fabric but obviously much less compared with other wraps that have spandex in their fabric. But the good thing is being pure cotton means the temperature is regulated better than other fabric types and blends. Significantly better that it feels cozy to sleep in there.

The thing with this wrap is you need some time to master the art of wrapping the baby beautifully (or you look like a heap of walking laundry) but once you get the hang of it, there’s an unlimited number of style wraps that you can do effortlessly. Each wrap style provides the right support accordingly – with ‘a newborn hug’ for example provides close skin to skin contact with mum and good spine support, as well as just the right amount of snug.

The downside is being an extremely long fabric, donning them might takes up so much time that it’s advisable to wear it before heading out. This can be a bummer if the baby is crying and you need to whip up the wrap instantly to soothe them.

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4. Baby K’tan Print Baby Wrap Carrier, Infant, and Child Sling – Simple Wrap Holder for Babywearing

Baby K’tan Print Baby Wrap Carrier, Infant, and Child Sling – Simple Wrap Holder for Babywearing

Baby K’tan Print Baby Wrap comes in close with Moby wrap and one thing you need to know is this model is technically not a wrap. It’s a baby carrier created to look and feel like one, so you don’t have to slug through the tedium of wrapping your baby to wear.

Naturally, people start calling them as “ready-to-wear wrap” and in our opinion, this is a brilliant product engineering that is patented double-look design. The overall product is soft-structures (with no metal attachments and panels at all) and you can adjust the sizing through their single adjustable back sizing. And we simply love the cotton fabric (pure and certified one) that’s soft to the skin and your baby can stay for long in it, without getting sweaty or itchy.

This type of carrier will be a big hit for parents who want the best of both worlds, having a good, cozy wrap instantly (especially when your baby is crying and needs soothing). This carrier grows with your baby, from newborn and up to 35 pounds.

The carrier comes in multiple sizes from XXXS to XL and it’s washing washable too.

Check it out here !

5. Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps – Baby Carrier – Infant Carrier

Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps – Baby Carrier – Infant Carrier

At a glance, the fabric feels smooth and yet looks thin in our opinion that we wonder how it’s going to handle kids up to 30 pounds. Thank goodness, it seems like Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps by KeaBabies exceeded our expectation for being a good baby wrap for parents-to-be.

The versatile baby wrap that you can use as a breastfeeding cover, front-forward sling, as well as a postpartum belt that wearing them is a breeze. We mentioned that the fabric is thin-looking and yet it carries the baby and providing a comfortable snug fit like a champ.

A mix of cotton and spandex in the wrap provides just the right amount of stretch without getting loose during long-term us that you have to adjust the wrap regularly. Indeed, it fits most parent sizes and the fabric works to distribute weight evenly so your shoulders won’t get strained while wearing it.

Another point to consider is this model is guaranteed with 365-money back from the manufacturer. Considering the reasonable price point of this wrap and money-back guarantee policy, we’re confident that Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps by KeaBabies is a worthwhile investment that you can buy.

Check it out here !

6. Petunia Pickle Bottom for Moby Baby Wearing Wrap for Parents On The Go

Petunia Pickle Bottom for Moby Baby Wearing Wrap for Parents On The Go

This model is under Moby wraps, where the teams from Petunia Pickle and Moby collaborate together to create a good baby wrap much loved by parents. Indeed, the versatile wrap fits for most parent sizes and the 5-meter length of the fabric creates triple-wrapped security to ensure a good fit for both babies and caregivers.

What we love with this wrap is the product design is made to adjust well with a growing baby (up to 30 pounds) and giving them a snug, close fit between the baby and the parent. The fabric is made with a mix of cotton and bamboo fiber for added comfort and better airflow so you can wear them for hours (a good point for parents while on the go) and it stays snug.

Overall wear is comfortable with wide should support (a good sign that you can wear this wrap for hours comfortably) and it doesn’t look bulky at all despite the long length of the fabric – tapered-end design take away the bulkiness so you can wear it well without the extra fabric weighing you down.

Check it out here !

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