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Carry your child Safe – The Best Toddler Backpack Carrier

I suppose with growing awareness for parents to take their kids outside comes from minimizing their eyes glued to the tablets as much as possible – and that’s essentially good. After all, humans do connect well with nature, and getting the kids to immerse themselves with one can benefit not only for their physical but also for mental and emotional health as well. If only, towing them along can be easy even after 3 hours of hiking. That’s where a toddler backpack carrier can be a good idea.

Because trust me; as a parent, you don’t want to carry them in your arms for hours at the risk of injuring all over your body.

So, a toddler backpack carrier is a carrier that you wear, with the designed, is made so you can carry your little one, comfortably on your back. Rest assured, the backpacks here are designed to be as comfortable as possible, for long excursions in nature so you won’t worry of the extra (wriggling) weight you’re carrying.

A good toddler backpack carrier should always be comfortable for you and your little one. And of course, they need to be durable as well so you can use them for long. Once you get the idea of the excursions that you usually go (or plan to go), you can narrow down the design, features, and materials used in the backpack as not all a created the same, to suit different lifestyles out there.

For that we’ll cover the features in each of the backpacks that we reviewed right here, so you can see which model/product is best suited for your needs.

1. Clevr Premium Cross Country Toddler Backpack Hiking Child Carrier with Stand and Sun Shade Visor

Clevr Premium Cross Country Toddler Backpack Hiking Child Carrier with Stand and Sun Shade Visor

We put Clevr Premium Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier at the first in the list as it’s one of the popular carriers for parents looking for in a low-budget category while providing the essential feature that well needs.

Weighing at five pounds, this carrier comes with additional features like sunshade that we think is very thoughtful (considering walking outdoors will have a high chance of sunny weather). The generic styling of this carrier might not be a big deal for parents but this carrier certainly impressed us with additional extras included in the pack.

A sunshade complete with clear plastic sides, a stable kickstand, as well as an ample number of pockets for storage.

The downside is; yes, it’s obvious that this carrier is on the budget side, but having the fabrics used to be cheaply made that are at risk of a tear after a couple of uses is a major pain. Not to mention the belt and shoulder straps are looking and feeling cheaper compared with other models.

Comfort is definitely way off for this carrier and it affects for both toddler and parent that carries it, but we think for excursions that last a couple of hours won’t be a problem for the kids.

Check it out here !

2. Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Toddler Backpack Carrier

Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Toddler Backpack Carrier

Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Is one decent and comfortable carrier that you can consider. We love that looking at a glance, this carrier.

We love that the material used is a top quality, and the carrier’s design provides a lot of storage that we think it’s a major feature for mothers (we can’t get enough of pockets, can we?) and one major storage capacity at 26 liters. this particular line (the word AG stands for anti-gravity) has a suspension system and a flexible mesh panel for support while keeping the back cool at all times.

Plus, the easy adjustable belt in the carrier makes switching carrier duties a breeze between caregivers.

As for the downside, the carrier can be slightly uncomfortable for parents (especially for large sizes as the sizing can be unwieldy for some. Ospreys’ seating design forces the child to sit farther from your back, creating additional pressure to the lower back while carrying, and the belt is more prone to dig into your hips. You might want to make adjustments to the carrier, especially if you’re planning to wear for long periods of time.

All in all, Osprey made a good job of creating a good and affordable carrier that most parents can enjoy with their children, from a heavy-duty hike to short walks at the mall. Osprey AG is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Check it out here !

3. Deuter Kid Comfort 3 Framed Toddler Backpack Carrier for Hiking

Deuter Kid Comfort 3 Framed Toddler Backpack Carrier for Hiking

To put it simply, Deuter Kid Comfort 3 Framed Child Carrier is one excellent carrier that covers pretty much everything that you need in a good child carrier. The product is well-thought that gives you a superb comfort feeling while in use, to fit and sit on your body ergonomically, with optimal cushion comfort. The area for the child is quite roomy and high-up that it provides ample view.

The downside is with all of the features we listed, this carrier can be heavy for some. Indeed, the additional feature coming from this carrier certainly adds the weight.

That said, while we rave about how Deuter is one good stuff, the price can be steep for some. Given that the quality and durability of this carrier that it can handle almost anything you can throw, we honestly think that this carrier is a worthwhile investment.

Check it out here !

4. Luvdbaby Premium Toddler Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Kids – Carry Your Child Ergonomically

Luvdbaby Premium Toddler Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Kids – Carry Your Child Ergonomically

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier is an impressive carrier in our opinion. The whole setup and with its additional features that we think the price point is a bargain for parents!

Shoulder straps, waist belt are well-padded for superb comfort and both of the straps are wide enough that you won’t feel any strain even after hours of carrying the carrier on your back, as the weight is evenly distributed.

The carrier comes with a removable shade and raincoat – simply well-put items that you need for outdoor travels! Not to mention, the carrier also comes with height adjustability that allows your kid to sit up high for ample view clearly. The storage is a lot – a mix of mesh pockets, zippered compartments and insulated pouch that you can store anything you need right here.

And get this; the carrier also comes with a changing and that you can use not only for changing a diaper but also as a placement while having a picnic, a seating cover for the kids, as well as a makeshift shade for them if needed.

We might be gushing a lot with this carrier but seriously, this model is well-put and thoughtful for you to consider.

Check it out here !

5. Phil&Teds Escape Toddler Carrier Frame Backpack, Charcoal

Phil&Teds Escape Toddler Carrier Frame Backpack, Charcoal

Phil and Ted Escape child carrier is one well-designed carrier that we are definitely impressed with. It’s perfect and covers everything for families and being super lightweight that it makes an effortless addition to an active family.

What catches our eye is the sleek design of this carrier that they look fashionable compared with other brands in this review. Plus, the material is soft and comfortable for both parents and the kids, with an excellent kickstand that’s so easy to use.

And don’t get started with the storage capacity – it’s quite big for a stylish carrier (a whopping 30L capacity) that you can fit in pretty much anything you need while going out.

The downside is the price is on the premium side, which can be disappointing as normally parents won’t mind that much to spend extra for child gears for the best of their kids, but additional price point, we’re expecting the carrier would cover essential features (smallish rain cover, for example) like other brands that make it a worthwhile investment.

Still, Phil and Ted Escape child carrier makes a good overall baby carrier. Being a sleek and functional gear that we think it’s a good, stylish choice for short time excursions with the family.

Check it out here !

6. BabySteps Ergonomic Toddler Carrier with Hip Seat for All Seasons, 6 Comfortable & Safe Positions for Infant & Toddlers

BabySteps Ergonomic Toddler Carrier with Hip Seat for All Seasons, 6 Comfortable & Safe Positions for Infant & Toddlers

TheBabySteps Ergonomic Baby Carrier is a safe and fashionable carrier and best for the little one, from three months to three years old. It is ergonomic and user-friendly and offers 6 different carrying positions for your convenience. Made from soft polyester fabric and organic cotton that you can use all year in every season, with excellent airflow and breathability (a bonus if you regularly have long excursions outdoors with the kids).

What we love with this carrier, that it’s designed to suit all shapes and sizes, for both parents and the child comfortably. An easy, quick buckle design that you can adjust and move the child in and out effortlessly while securing them in position. Overall seat design is excellent; being roomy and well-padded for a comfortable seat that we are sure the child can sit down contently for hours.

One of the notable features that impressed us is the adjustable straps around the waist to provide additional lumbar support. The minor bug is the size maximum fits at 40 inches, that it can be bummer for plus size mums. But rest assured, an extender is available that you can purchase separately. For the kids, there’s foldable head support that your kid can use to sit comfortably.

Well, compared with other baby carriers, BabySteps Ergonomic Baby Carrier can be a bit bulky for some, but we honestly think it won’t be an issue as the bulkiness is not that obvious. The other is the lack of storage compared to other models, but these issues can be countered by carrying another bag to suit the essential items that you need.

This offers lumbar support because of the adjustable straps around the waist. However, though the waist is adjustable, the maximum size is 43”. This makes it a poor choice for plus size moms. If you are a few inches larger, there is an extender that can be purchased at an extra cost.

Check it out here !

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