The Best Facial Hair Removal Cream for Both Men and Women

For anyone tired of shaving their bits but afraid to go all-out with waxing or laser hair removal, a hair removal cream seems like the next best alternative to get your skin a smooth feel once again.

For both men and women, taking out all of the unwanted hair is necessary for today’s time because nobody wants to look like a Neanderthals roaming around the city – we gotta look presentable as much as possible or people would think we’re clean and unkempt. What more as you get older, extra hairs seem to come out in the most unexpected places, that removing them regularly is essential.

Hence, as I said, a removal cream seems like the better option compared to shaving the bits regularly or surrendering the body to lasers to zap out the hair. But keep in mind that if you don’t use the cream in the right way, they’re going to hurt.

Indeed, some users even reviewed that the creams caused them blisters, itchiness, as well as ingrown hair. For that, I’ve reviewed the creams in this article, testing it out each one and follow the instructions by the book to give you a heads up of what to expect when using one of the creams listed here. Of course, a patch test never going to hurt so always do it before using any cream (including repeat purchase) to ensure your skin is okay with it.

Without further ado, here are the hair removal creams I’ve reviewed right here, just for you.

1. Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Fine to Medium Hair 1 Kit

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Fine to Medium Hair 1 Kit 

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo is one of my favorite hair removal creams, simply because everything about the product speaks confidence. After all, Olay has been going on for years with an impressive history and track record that you can be sure of the quality of this hair removal cream.

The product is available in two different options — fine to medium hair, or medium to coarse hair — containing a hair removal cream and a soothing balm in one kit. And what I love the most is the cream is formulated to be as mild as possible, so it’s suitable for all skin types (including the sensitive ones) and yet it takes off the hair with impressive results.

You can use the cream to remove pretty much any unwanted hair on your body, by starting off with a skin guarding balm to soothe and protect your skin from having any direct contact while purging of the hair (so the chemicals from the hair removal cream get only onto the hair).

The only downside is being a long-standing brand, the price can get a bit pricey for us, but for the quality and assurance with this product, I’d say go for it.

Check it out here !

2. Sally Hansen Hair Remover Kit

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Kit 

Suffice to say, anything from Sally Hansen is wonderful and their Sally Hansen Hair Remover Kit is no exception. In fact, this hair removal cream kit not only works to take off the existing hair but also prevent from future hair growth so you can enjoy a smooth skin a little bit longer.

The kit contains a hair removal cream and a moisturizer (formulated with a enriched vitamin E and aloe vera to for soothing skin after hair removal). The hair removal cream that works to prevent future hair regrowth comes from willow herb and pumpkin seeds extract to do the job (which I think definitely minimizes the number of frequencies for you to shave off the hair).

With all of the feature listed, both creams are surprisingly moisturizing to the skin that I think is beneficial for all types of skin. For oily skin though, if you’re using the cream on the face, you might want to start with a little bit of the cream as it can get greasy and you need to wait a bit until the moisturizing cream is fully absorbed into the skin.

Comes in three different sizes (the smallest one is perfect for travel), and I especially love the packaging of both creams that won’t cause you a mess while doing the routine.

Check it out here !

3. Avon Skin so Soft Fresh & Smooth Moisturizing Facial Hair Removal Cream

Avon Skin so Soft Fresh & Smooth Moisturizing Facial Hair Removal Cream

Avon Skin so Soft Fresh & Smooth is a joy to use with its fresh tropical fragrance and I love that it works quickly too – in a mere two minutes. The cream is suitable for all hair types, works with all skin types, and it works virtually for all types of hair length.

That said, there’s also a bit of sensitivity issue as my skin does feel a bit tingling after applying the cream. For me personally, it’s not surprising considering this cream also works for coarse hair, which means more chemicals are formulated in the tube, compared with Olay that divide their hair removal kit into two main hair types. If you have sensitive skin, simply use the cream half the time to avoid your skin getting irritated.

All in all, this cream is worth to consider as it leaves my skin super soft, as well as being affordable.

Check it out here !

4. Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream

Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream

I’ve been using Nair for years so naturally, I did use the cream a couple of times and both work just fine. Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream is one of the top brands and rated highly by consumers, despite not in the same league as the big brands (that means the product can stay affordable for years?).

The hair removal cream collection comes in six different sizes that you can buy an extra small one that fit for travel, plus a tube of moisturizing cream to soothe the skin afterward.

As for the formula, sweet almond oil, a couple of essential oil and aloe vera contained in the ingredient is indeed nourishing to the skin but as always, I noticed that the cream has a rather strong fragrance that can somewhat cloying, and I think it’s a sign that the cream is a bit concentrated that it works from thin to coarse hair types.

Don’t worry though, the smell fades out after some time, you just got to endure it while using the cream but if you have sensitive skin, a path test is highly recommended to ensure your skin stays okay while using this cream.

Check it out here !

5. Surgi-cream Hair Remover Extra Gentle Formula For Face, 1-Ounce Tubes

Surgi-cream Hair Remover Extra Gentle Formula For Face, 1-Ounce Tubes

For sensitive skin and beyond, you can benefit a lot from using Surgi-cream Hair Remover cream. I must say, it’s the best cream for sensitive skin available in the market! The cream comes also with a moisturizing cream to soothe your skin after the routine – and the smell is somewhat pleasant too (not cloying, I might add).

Surgi-cream claims to have a formula that’s super gentle and suitable for sensitive skin and so far, it works well. After all, the ingredient contained in the cream — aloe vera, cucumber, maple honey, olive, papaya, and vitamin B2 — that are known to soothe irritated skin. It works well, and it works reasonably fast too – you can get the routine done in less than 10 minutes.

And what I love the most for Surgi-Cream is it comes with its a proprietary blend of Hair Stop Plus™ to slow down hair cycle underneath the skin for slower hair growth, remarkably up to two weeks.

For anyone having sensitive skin, I highly recommend you start with Surgi-cream first. This hair removal cream kit might just be your staple when it comes to the routine!

Check it out here !

6. Gigi Hair Removal Cream for The Face, 1 oz & Calming Balm

Gigi Hair Removal Cream works great in my opinion that works similarly with Nair, minus the cloying smell from the cream. In fact, Gigi Hair Removal Cream is rather pleasant in my opinion.

Gigi Hair Removal Cream is rated high as the one of the most favored hair removal cream and it works well to dissolve out pretty much any hair in any location you need – and it works well too. I tested it out that it holds off hair up to two weeks before you need to start shaving again. And the best part is one single cream works for all hair types, as well as suitable for all skin types.

The downside is the cream tends to get all greasy and slimy when applying to the skin, that it’s best to start a bit of the cream and work your way up.

But rest assured, I honestly think despite all of the greasiness of the cream it’s still gentle to the skin (probably another good option for anyone with sensitive skin) and certainly doesn’t cause you any irritation; I’m using the cream for a month or so and there’s not tingling or irritation to the skin, instead a rather pleasant experience.

Check it out here !

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Written by cherscy

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