The Top 6 Underrated Skateboard Helmet You Didn’t Know Exist

We are sure that if you’re reading this to find which skateboard helmet perfect for your needs and we couldn’t agree more; skateboard helmet is the very first thing that you need if you want to skate, for safety measures locked in place.

That said, there are a number of factors in choosing the right skateboard helmet when you’re out rolling with your deck.

Let’s start with the price: generally, skateboard helmets are inexpensive and you can get a decent model within 100 bucks and it still holds up well.

Most helmets price range from $30 to $300, with the higher end, will have a number of impressive features, product design, and high-quality materials but keep in mind that the feature may not be what you need unless you’re willing to fork out the price. By deciding how much you’re willing to spend will help you narrow down the choices for a skateboard helmet suitable for your needs.

There are two categories divided in skateboard helmet; one is street skating and/or skateboard park while the other is bike helmets.

Street Skating Helmets

The former is a traditional type of helmets that commonly used among skaters from amateurs to professionals. Designed to be a half-cap, bucket-shaped helmet, it protects the frontal, the sides, and the back of your head. The outer shell is made from high-quality ABS plastic (that are known for its sturdy materials) and carbon fiber, while the inner core is layered with soft, cushy foam to protect your head and minimizing any impact.

From a safety point of view, most of these types of helmets are not certified to safety, purely from a financial perspective as seeking certification requires additional cost. But rest assured that for beginners, a street skating helmet is safe enough for you to start.

What you can do, is to check the helmet after a serious fall – any damage to both inside and/or outside of the shell means you need to replace it, pronto.

Bike Helmets

For this type of helmet, you can use it not only for skateboards but also when riding a bike as these helmets meet the safety standards used for bicycles. The helmets are made in similar materials as the one in street skating, with an additional protective liner that covers for both skateboard and bicycle use, since the crashes occur at a higher speed. Hence, it suffices to say that you need a bike helmet if you are a pro and/or aggressive skaters.

Finding the perfect fit for your skateboard helmet

A perfect fit is a must to ensure that your head stays protected from all of the skatings; too loose, and it will fly over your head even if you’ve tightened the strap; too small meant that the helmet won’t give you enough coverage. A perfect fit would have you tighten the strap properly and still leaves a room for you to slip in a pair of sunglasses.

1. Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet tops the list as being an all-around helmet for nearly all extreme sports. In fact, it’s considered to be the best as it’s dual certified with CE EN 1078 (for helmets, skateboarders, pedal cyclists, and roller skaters) and AS/NZS 206 (for bicycle helmets). To put it simply, this helmet is tough, appealing not only for recreational use but also for professional plays.

The helmet shell is covered with a polystyrene liner underneath that are breathable (coupled with strategically placed vents) to ensure your head stays cool while being fully protected, especially when skating under the sun for a few hours. The matte finish is aesthetically pleasing that it looks professional, and you’re playing for business.

We love that the helmet’s overall shape is made to fit according to size (at 80% rating; reviewers cautioned to measure the head, not choosing according to the age range) and it’s the choice that you can consider for a start. Don’t let the certification, or anything deters you – this helmet is also a top choice for beginners in skateboarders.

Comes in nine different colors, with black in glossy, matte, or plain.

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2. JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified Impact Resistance Ventilation

JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified Impact Resistance Ventilation 

JBM Helmet is all about multitasking; the helmet is suitable for multi-sports not only for skateboarding but also for both inline and roller skating. Certified with CPSC ASTM, you can be assured that this helmet is strong enough to handle all kinds of impacts for your safety.

The sizing runs well and you can adjust it further with adjustable straps for a more comfortable fit.

What we noticed the most with JBM Helmet is the outer shell of the helmet is tough and resistant with shock and scratches. The highest quality of PVC and PC and lined with EPS foam to ensure your head stays protected and minimizing any impacts coming in. The ventilation factor is also superb as the helmet designed comes with an aerodynamic shape and well-placed vents at the front and top for thorough and cooling airflow.

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3. Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sport Kids & Adult Bike

Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sport Kids & Adult Bike 

Flybar Dual helmet comes with all of the certification standards such as ASTM and CPSC and regarded as one of the safest choices in purchasing a skateboard helmet. Made with ABS hard plastic at the outer shell and soft and sturdy foam at the inside, Flybar Dual helmet is definitely a solid choice.

This model also comes with an adjustable dial to fine-tuning the helmet size for a perfect fit and stay snug while in use – a big bonus point as you can use the sizing guide as the benchmark for the right fit, and the dial to adjust until it fits well.

We love the additional feature of this helmet where it comes with 12 strategic vents (that are relatively wide compared with other skateboard helmets) to keep your head cool ab prevent moisture and sweat buildup inside the helmet, especially if you live in a warm climate.

And the padded adjustable strap makes wearing the helmet more comfortable as your skin won’t get scratched while doing the moves at the skate park, unlike most adjustable straps that we see.

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4. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet with 10 Vents

Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet with 10 Vents

One of the most popular skateboard helmets, Retrospec CM-1 Classic is all about safety, protection and ventilation. The helmet is designed with 14 air vents for thorough temperature regulation.

The outer shell is made with harden ABS plastic and firm foam underneath to absorb any incoming impact, complying with standards as a ski and bike helmets.

We love the unique feature of this helmet; an additional goggle clip to keep you eyewear stay put and a removable earmuff to keep the ears warm and protected which is a brilliant design – you can use it depending on the sports you’re playing and it won’t affect the whole product design to keep your head protected.

An adjustable dial is also included at the back for you to adjust until you get a perfect fit.

In our opinion, this helmet is what you need if you plan to use the headwear for all-year-round — skateboarding in the summer, skiing in winter — this model is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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5. Nutcase – Solid Street Bike Helmet for Adults

Nutcase – Solid Street Bike Helmet for Adults

Nutcase helmet is one cool helmet – not only it protects your head at maximum; the helmet is also cooling and comes with eye-catching design as well. The helmet is certified to meet standards for both biking and skating while being a super lightweight helmet. In fact, Nutcase comes off as the lightest compared with other helmets reviewed in this list.

A well-design product that fits according to size (as high as 90%) and don’t worry; the helmet also comes with an adjustable dial so you can fine tune it until you find the perfect fit.

Comes with 33 different colors/design (that’s a lot, we know) so it’s unlikely you can’t find one that suits you. But the only gripe is Nutcase can be expensive for most of us, compared with other helmets.

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6. Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

Considering the features in Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet, we honestly think that this model is made for the price; because the beast will protect your head no matter how fast you’d go. This helmet meets standards covering for most extreme sports, os it suffices to say that Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet can be the gold standard for skateboard helmets.

Designed with 11 large vents for maximum ventilation and airflow to keep your head cool. The inner part is designed with two-stage foam liner and nylon-webbed straps f to ensure the impact absorbing mechanism from this helmet stay superb.

The outer shell is made with ABS plastic, and the inner liner comes with a moisture-wicking material that prevents sweat from dripping (and get into your eyes) so you’ll stay focused with the game.

The only downside is the helmet runs a bit small; make sure you choose a size one bigger. Other than that, the price is affordable, and in fact, worthwhile considering the safety level it brings.

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