The Bigger the Better- Extra-Wide Bariatric Wheelchair

There’s no reason to stop anyone with limited mobility from enjoying what’s the world has to offer. Hence, from walking stick to crutches, now we have wheelchairs widely available for purchase, should you need one, and you can choose from regular size wheelchair to extra wide bariatric kinds according to your needs.

Why you need a wheelchair

If you need independence as you used to have then a wheelchair can be necessary equipment for your daily routine. Wheelchair users can go to a lot of places with it; you can go shopping, making daily errands, or simply getting some breath of fresh air and enjoying the scenery regularly. And since wheelchair are also designed with security in mind, you don’t have to worry for any chance of an accident, provided that you use the machine correctly.

In short, anyone with limited mobility will enjoy the quality of life as much as the next person.

Specifically for a bariatric wheelchair, this type of machine is designed with additional comfort and space to accommodate large size user. Extra reinforcements are added, using sturdy, long-lasting materials that will handle most pressures when in use.

If you weight more than 100 pounds (or BMI exceeds 30) then this type of wheelchair is what you need. The key is choosing one that suits well with your daily routine and the area that you’re living. For example, the maneuverability of the wheelchair is an important factor to consider especially if you tend to move around a lot and/or living in tight, narrow places where turning the wheels at a wide-angle is not an option.

If you plan to use both outdoors and indoors, consider heavy-duty tires that can handle rough terrain and of course have no problem navigating indoor flooring as well.

Additional items such as cup holders and pouches might be important to some especially for anyone that moves around a lot for a period of time (when carrying your own bag of important items can add the bulkiness while on the go).

So, without further ado, here are some of the bariatric wheelchairs that you can consider for your next purchase.

1. Medline Excel Extra-Wide Wheelchair, 24″ Wide Seat

Medline Excel Extra-Wide Wheelchair, 24″ Wide Seat

Medline has been producing high-quality wheelchairs for years and if you’re looking for some well-made products for peace of mind, this brand is definitely the one you should consider.

Designed for indoor use, this extra-wide wheelchair has a weight capacity up to 500 pounds offers comfort and ease of use that you can sit in it for hours without strain, thanks to the complete and plenty of padding surrounding the seat, armrests, and leg rests. Navigation is a dream; smooth movement and maneuverability make using this wheelchair can significantly improve your mobility.

Not to mention that we love the solid carbon steel frame is made to be rust-resistant and it’s certainly a good product that we think will last for years for indoor use. Additional features include the armrests that are removable and designed to be at desk length for ease of use, and the leg rests are swingable and detachable.

Of course, being a wheelchair that’s made for indoor use, if you’re planning to bring it outdoor at all probably limited to the curb where the terrain is smooth enough for the wheels – for that. It’s best to get a good wheelchair specifically use for outdoors instead.

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2. Invacare Tracer SX5 Wheelchair, with Desk Length Arms

Invacare Tracer SX5 Wheelchair, with Desk Length Arms

For some heavy-duty action, Invacare Tracer SX5 Wheelchair is the option that you need thanks to its sturdy, well-made inner liners w8ith shiny, silver vein finish. That said, compared with Medline, Invacare Tracer SX5 Wheelchair is a basic feature wheelchair made for heavy-duty (yet lightweight) uses that can handle both indoor and light outdoor uses. Hence, the price is comparatively affordable too.

The tires are made from urethane for superb fluid movement and performance and this wheelchair is something that you can carry from place to place no problem – a good point for anyone living in apartment-style houses, or perhaps for anyone that loves to travel that carrying a wheelchair should be a breeze.

Again, this is a basic wheelchair so not a lot that can be said for this model; no paddings for the leg rests, storage pouches, or anything that might make this model appealing – you might want to invest additional paddings and storage for this wheelchair if you plan to sit in this one for a period of time, and have everything within arm’s reach.

This is one of the most durable chairs available at a low price point. It has heavy-duty upholstery that is dual-embossed for additional reinforcement. This chair is rather, however, is simple and does not come with a lot of the features you might expect even in the low price range.

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3. Drive Medical Sentra EC Heavy Duty Wheelchair , 24 Inch

Drive Medical Sentra EC Heavy Duty Wheelchair , 24 Inch

Drive Bariatric Sentra EC Heavy Duty Wheelchair provides the seater with total personalization with detachable armrests, swingable leg rests that you can adjust depending on your needs. Truly a well-made wheelchair, the frame with making from carbon steel that is triple coated with chrome finish for durability, easy to clean, as well as looking attractive. Double embossed vinyl upholstery is lightweight yet durable for daily use.

This model comes with different seat widths of 20″, 22″ and 24″ by 18″ depths. Standard dual axle mechanisms that give you an easy transition from seat to hemi-level, and the tires are made from urethane for longlasting use. And despite being all of the features, this wheelchair is lightweight that carrying, using, and transporting is easy. Indeed, Drive Bariatric Sentra EC Heavy Duty Wheelchair covers everything that you need for an indoor wheelchair, and all you need to do is to choose the seat width and use it to enjoy your newfound independence.

Comes with a three-year warranty.

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4. Extra Wide Heavy Duty Deluxe Bariatric Wheelchair Seat Size: 24″

Extra Wide Heavy Duty Deluxe Bariatric Wheelchair Seat Size: 24″

One of the top choices of a bariatric wheelchair, Extra Wide Heavy Duty Deluxe by Karman Healthcare offers a wheelchair that covers everything that you need for one by combining from high end to low-end wheelchairs into this model. It’s durable, lightweight and super comfortable to sit that you can be sure it’ll increase your productivity and mobility. Not to mention by being an affordable one too.

Extra Wide Heavy Duty Deluxe is made from high-quality steel frame to ensure durability and able to handle from indoor to light outdoor terrain. The seat (double padded with vinyl upholstery for extra comfort) is adjustable with detachable arms rests while the leg rests are swingable complete with a heel looping footplates. Overall, this wheelchair is able to handle weight up to 700 pounds.

For security features, this model comes with push-to-lock wheel locks and heavy-duty front forks for shock absorption.

That said, the downside for this wheelchair is the movement might not be as smooth as we thought, in fact, it can be slightly jerky (probbaly we got ourselves a bad batch here with the front forks, considering the reviews with this brand is nothing but awesome). Overall Karman Healthcare does deliver with this model and we think this particular model can be your go-to wheelchair.

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5. ProBasics K7 Heavy-Duty Wheelchair with 22″ x 18″ Vinyl Upholstered Seat

ProBasics K7 Heavy-Duty Wheelchair with 22″ x 18″ Vinyl Upholstered Seat

One of the sturdiest wheelchairs that we review, ProBasics K7 Heavy Duty Wheelchair offers a robust feel for patients that need a wide seat and higher weight capacity requirements. Indeed, ProBasics K7 Heavy Duty Wheelchair is one heavy-duty wheelchair that’s a hit among bariatric patients.

Featuring a heavy vinyl padded wheelchair (from the seat to armrests) with detachable armrests and the seat is adjustable to three positions, as well as semi-pneumatic casters that are also adjustable in three positions. The seat comes with a medium-sized pocket at the back.

And we love the material used for the frame is reinforced with silver vein steel for durability and ability to handle maximum weight capacity no problem, as well as 24″ rear urethane wheels with reinforced, study rims that are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. For security, this model comes with an easy push for wheel locks.

You can purchase this wheelchair in four different sizes – 22″ x 18″, 24″ x 18″, 26″ x 20″ or 28″ x 20″ – a big feature for anyone that wants a heavy-duty bariatric wheelchair without spending more than what they need

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6. Everest & Jennings Traveler HD 22 X 18 Detachable Full Arm, Elevating Leg rest

Everest & Jennings Traveler HD 22 X 18 Detachable Full Arm, Elevating Leg rest

Everest & Jennings introduces us with another addition to its long line of high performance and extremely durable wheelchairs with Traveler SE. For a start, the seat (being a key feature in any wheelchair) comes with vinyl and strong inner lining for ample support (comes with a pocket at the back) and full padded armrests.

The footrests are height adjustable and swingable, and you can even adjust the seat height with adjustable, multi-position casters from adult to floor heights, as well as the length without any tools necessary. And then what we noticed is the weight distribution for this wheelchair is evenly and better compared to other models listed in this review – a key point to consider for safety purposes that will protect the seater from lurching forward or topple over due to sudden movement.

For security features, this model features wheel locks with grip handle.

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