Goodbye Acne: Best Pore Cleanser for Deep Cleansing Facial

Kudos to Korea for another superb beauty product that we can use as part of our skin care routine! From BB creams to cushion compacts and 10-step cleansing routine, the Land of Morning Calm now brings to us another revolutionary product to get that thorough, clear skin, just like Korean ladies do- the pore vacuum. Essentially, the pore vacuum works as a skin vacuum for deep cleansing facial using powerful suction power without irritating the skin.

Now, with a variety of pore cleanser device available in the market, how do you choose the best pore vacuum? Here are some of the best pore cleanser that you should include into your weekly beauty routine.

Best Pore Vacuum Cleanser for Blackhead and Whitehead Removal

Just like what it says, a pore vacuum (also known as blackhead remover, though the tool also able to purge out more than that) is a suction device that works to pull out anything that’s trapped within the skin’s pore. Debris, dead skin cells, leftover sebum, anything that gets trapped gets pulled out from the skin, much like a scrub would.

And with this skin vacuum tool used regularly, it also works to gently exfoliate your skin, boosts skin repair to smooth out wrinkles and mild acne scars, as well as evens out your skin tone. Sounds too good to be true? Read on.

How to Choose the Best Pore Cleanser Device

The key is to know which suction strength that your skin needs so all the gunk can be pulled out, at the same time without causing any redness, bruising, or inflammation (or some call it a hickey).

Hence, if you’re looking to buy a good pore vacuum for the perfect DIY deep cleansing facial sessions at home, it’s important to consider the following factors before deciding to buy one.

#1: Pore Vacuum Suction Strength

Suction strength is the main, deciding factor in buying a pore vacuum. It will be pointless to spend on this stuff and the suction power is ‘meh’ to speak of. A good pore vacuum should have enough power without causing any hurt or significant injury to the skin (significant injury means your skin can get injured, unless you’re using it properly). And usually companies create pore vacuum that comes in different strength setting to cater to your needs.

#2: Pore Cleanser Parts Replacement Kit

Tools and extra stuff included also can be handy for you as this means few times for you to think about replacement of using the product regularly. Think about how any times you’ll be using the product (most of us use it together with exfoliation routine, once a week) to estimate how frequently you need to replace some of the parts.

#3: Pore Vacuum Device with Ergonomic Design

Of course, the product design and weight also plays a factor: anything that shapes ergonomically and doesn’t weight a ton is a plus!

And right here, we compiled some of the best pore vacuum cleanser so you can remove stubborn blackhead professionally.

The Best Pore Vacuum In The Market

1) Best Pore Vacuum for Beginner: Voyor Blackhead Remover Vacuum Electric Comedone Extractor Facial Pore Cleaner Kit 

One of the best pore cleanser for the skin that’s available is the Voyor Pore Vacuum. It is listed as one of the top of its decent power and being affordable for the whole package, making it ideal for beginners in this pore-vacuum business.

The pore cleanser set comes with 4 different microcrystalline suction head probes that each work to take out all the of the impurities, debris, sebum, and product buildup. Plus, the Voyor Pore Vacuum also works to boost for a better circulation, as well as to exfoliate your skin.

Its main tool have 5 different suction strength, and also comes with LCD screen indicator – a feature that makes the Voyor Pore Vacuum stands up the rest among the similar-priced pore cleanser tools.

Users noted that for the Voyor Pore Vacuum, the whole routine is easy to use with it’s single button indicator for control, and the suction power is easy to adjust accordingly. Not to mention the pore cleanser product is slender-shaped and lightweight, making the whole routine pleasant.

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2) Best Pore Vacuum with Extractor Tools: LONOVE Pore Vacuum Cleaner Comedone Extractor Device with Blackhead Remover Metal Kit

This best selling pore vacuum cleanser tops the chart in U.S.A, widely raved by many beauty gurus and happy users acclaimed to remove even the most stubborn blackhead in a matter of seconds- yet without hurting the epidermis. Now, an upgraded version in 2019, the LONOVE 4-in-1 Multi Suction Pore Cleanser Suction Tool comes with SIX replaceable suction heads to better cater to wider range of skin beauty routine.

It’s the only pore vacuum cleanser in the market that comes with a ball head for simultaneous massaging for skin firming and toning. This rechargeable device  also comes with an LED screen indicator to display battery life and current level of suction.

But that’s not all, the LONOVE Poor Vacuum set also comes with a complimentary 4-piece metal extractor tool kit so you easily reach out for hard to reach areas for thorough cleansing. Now, that’s double value.

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3) Best Pore Vacuum for High Suction Power: USA Puradiant Blackhead Vacuum, Pore Vacuum, Suction Removal, Extractor Cleanser

The USA Puradiant is a potent pore vacuum that works effectively to remove out trapped debris from your skin. The main pore vacuum comes with 5 different power setting to suit the suction strength as needed, and use with 4 different probes, as well as a handy LCD display. Most reviews noted that the pore vacuum is quite powerful, so it’s very important for you to select the lowest setting for each use.

The power comes from both internal ones that are rechargeable or use it with a USB cable. Either way, the portability of this model is a plus especially if you’re always on-the-go.

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4) Best Pore Vacuum for Ergonomic Design: Dollve Multifunctional Facial Pore Cleanser Tool

The Dollve Pore Vacuum set receives rave reviews as the pore cleanser works to remove not just blackheads, but pretty much anything that gets trapped inside the pore plus smoothing out any blemishes with regular use.

The suction power is strong enough to pull out gunk that gets trapped as well as exfoliates dead skin cells for good, and you can choose it from 4 different strengths as needed. The main pore vacuum and other accessories are made with sturdy ABS material, with slim, ergonomic design for better handling, and not causing any injuries to the skin. The plus on this model is that it’s near silent, charges with USB cable, and waterproof.

The set comes with one big and small circular probe for blackheads, one small oval-shape probe for wrinkles, and one big thick probe for skin exfoliation.

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5) Best Pore Vacuum for Long Use: Puranex Jupiter Microdermabrasion Device Blackhead Remover

The PURANEX Pore Vacuum features 4 different probes (the usual suction with 3 different shapes, plus one Microcrystalline Skin Smoothing Probe for exfoliation) to suit different needs for both exfoliation and blackhead-removing routine. The main tool is made from sturdy material to handle and bear from regular use, which also means able to stand for a long time.

Each probe, combined with the main vacuum tool works not just to purge and pull out dirty materials from the pore but also minimise fine lines appearance, leads to skin tigthening as well as to smooth out blemishes and improving blood circulation within the skin.

The main tool is rechargeable via USB cable (one thing that can be handy for us, especially for the ones that’s always on-the-go) that can be charged from different devices.

In this package comes with a large, a small, a small circular, and a small oval probe, with the main tool come with 5 different suction power.

The only downside is the package comes with few replacement fillers so be sure to stock it up as soon as you purchase the whole set, to minimize the hassle, especially if you’re planning to use for a long time.

And yes, you will; this brand is one of the top choices in skin care tools.

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6) Best Pore Vacuum with Eco Friendly Design: Imbeang 4-In-1 USB Rechargeable Facial Pore Cleanser

The brand that’s touted to be one of the best pore vacuum in the market, the Imbeang 4 in 1 USB pore cleanser also works not just for blackhead-removing and exfoliation, the tool also works well to cleanse the skin.

Made from eco-friendly ABS material, the main pore vacuum tool is ergonomic and slim-shaped for easy handling for you to get faster and (certainly) safer results, as well as convenient for storage. In fact, Imbeang receives a good safety rating, one of the things that make this pore vacuum receives rave reviews from the users.

The tool also lightweight (considering the capability) and yet able to withstand knocks and bangs, oils, water splashes, and grease with regular use (don’t we all?).

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Tips: How to get the Best Results from Using Pore Vacuums

With all the reviews we are sharing right here about the best pore vacuum and blackhead remover that you can choose, there’s also a number of tips that you can use along with the routine, to make it more effective:

  1. Start with the lowest setting and increase it as you go. You might notice that different area of your skin needs not just a different probe head, but with different suction strength as well. Make note of that.
  2. Keep your skin moist with a toner (best results comes with the one in salicylic acid) or you can steam your skin beforehand to loosen up the pores so the gunk can come out easier.
  3. And keep in mind that (especially for beginners) it’s best for you to refrain from using retinol if you are planning to use this tool as the potency from the retinol makes your skin extra sensitive with the pressure coming from the pore vacuum tool.

Believe me that a good pore vacuum that works well with your skin, will cut down your whole skin routine by a half.

You just need to find out which of the ones listed here, is perfect and suitable for your skin needs.

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