Pleasant Smell All Around! The Best Essential Car Oil Diffuser for Your Car

For anyone that’s always using their cars and serious about their health at the same time, essential oil diffusers specially made for cars are the best purchase that you can make.

No, you’re not being snobby; essential oil diffusers are simply needed for anyone that not only uses their car frequently, creating a healthy environment with the help of these diffusers on itself can help to protect you (and your families) from airborne pathogens and dangerous chemicals that you might accidentally inhale.

But rest assured, we may think that diffusers can be pricey but with the latest tech these gadgets are super affordable for regular use, and the work well, even in continuous mode.

1. InnoGear USB – Car Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear USB – Car Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear tops the list as being the most sought after essential oil diffuser for car works to maintain moisture level, eliminate odor and creating a fresh environment for a pleasant driving experience, with two working modes to suit your needs: continuous emission mode or in a set of every 3 hours.

As the device is powered via USB (plugged at the back of the device, as opposed to underneath it), it’s effortless to connect it with your car charger port, or even use it at other places that have the USB connectivity (your laptop, for example), and it comes with lovely mood light to provide relief from driving.

What we love about Innogear is apart from the spa-like contemporary design, the device compact enough to fit in a standard cup holder, and the device will automatically switch off when the water goes below the safe line, thus ensuring that it will last longer. Rest assured, the water tank capacity holds enough water up to 4 hours for continuous use.

The only downside is Innogear does not come with its own essential oil, which not really a big deal as I’m sure we all have our favorite brands that we can purchase separately.

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2. Navy Penguin – USB Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Navy Penguin – USB Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Navy Penguin USB Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser catches our eyes as being a stylish car diffuser (apart from InnoGear), and it features an ultrasonic cool mist mode that vibrates at 3MHz and continuously humidifies the air with a pleasant fragrance. With 70ml capacity, the power efficient device uses the only 4W for power (connected through a USB cable) and able to last up to two hours in continuous mode.

What we like about Navy Penguin is the solid, compact design of the diffuser that fits most cup holder space in the car, auto shut-off feature for safety, and comes with 7different color LED bulbs for you to choose to set the mood. And since it’s powered via USB, you can use the oil diffuser not just in the car, but always anywhere else in your home, wherever is needed. All in all, Navy Penguin is a good choice for you to consider purchasing for your car.

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3. ZAQ Tour Essential Oil Lite – Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser

ZAQ Tour Essential Oil Lite – Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser

ZAQ Tour Essential Oil Lite Diffuser is a travel-friendly oil diffuser, designed for a solid product use – overall unique design of this car diffuser fits cars’ cup holders that can be different than standard ones, as well as a stable base to prevent falling as your car moving at considerable speed. As an added safety measure, the device also comes with automatic shut-off, after left unused for 4 hours.

The not-so-good side is this product uses a car adapter and wall plug for power which in our opinion a point that you need to consider, compared with the versatility of car diffusers that uses a USB cable.

What we like about ZAQ is the overall construction of the oil diffuser looks solid with high-quality materials are used. Even if the shape is rather bland (like a tumbler), the oil diffuser works remarkably that this can be your choice for fuss-free, oil car diffuser (just don’t place it next to water tumblers that looks similar to ZAQ, that you may have).

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4. Arospa Electric Car – Essential Oil Diffuser/Purifier/Humidifier

Arospa Electric Car – Essential Oil Diffuser/Purifier/Humidifier

Arospa Electric Car Oil Diffuser fits well into standard cars’ cup holder and it works as a diffuser, purifier, and humidifier and all you need to do is to choose your essential oil to start.

The solid, tumbler-looking compact device features a simple function of mist emission at a 20s interval or from low to high, through an ultrasonic mechanism. And comes with 2 power cord and a vehicle adapter (compared with USB cables in other oil diffusers), with cord placement at the back so the device stays stable while in use.

Don’t let the high price deter you; reviewers purchasing Arospa notes that this oil diffuser is small yet powerful enough as the scent can reach at the farthest corner of the car or house, making it a good item to place in wide space areas. This means that you don’t need to put too much of EO into the solution – just a drop or two will do, and this also means that you can enjoy your preferred scent much longer.

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5. GULAKI® Multifunction Cool-Mist Car Diffuser Air Freshener

GULAKI® Multifunction Cool-Mist Car Diffuser Air Freshener

If you’re looking a manly, sophisticated car diffuser, look no further than GULAKI Multifunction Cool-Mist Car Diffuser. Comes with a 2 USB port and 1 car charger, this 3-in-1 car diffuser spells business as it works to liven up the room (or in this case, your car).

One of the diffusers that made in Amazon’s Choice, GULAKI looks like a coffee cup (holds 60ml water capacity) and showcases a LED light ring around the top ‘cap’, and multiple charges included at the top is super handy for you to plug in your phones, GPS navigator, or even a car video recorder. A safety measure of auto shut-off is also included if left idle and/or the water level is below the indicated level.

And as extra points for you, GULAKI also comes with free lifetime technical support, manufacturer’s warranty (with free replacement for either hole or parts, and money-back guarantee within 3 months).

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