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Exercise Anytime and Anywhere – The Best Mini Exercise Bike

For any multitasker, health enthusiasts out there, an exercise bike with a workstation might be the dream stuff that you might be looking for, without realizing it. Yes, even products like this exist that you can use to get your job done while getting fit at the same time.

1. FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike and Office Workstation with Massage Bar by FitDesk

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike and Office Workstation with Massage Bar by FitDesk

If you’re looking for a durable workstation and exercise bike combo, this one from FitDesk might be just the one you need – as well as other users that makes this model the top-rated brand in Amazon.

The hike is built to stay stable and sturdy for daily use and it’s compact enough so it won’t occupy too much of space in your office cubicle. The exercise bike can be folded as you wish, and you can drag it along to place without them from being too heavy to carry around.

For our review, we test it out for a week to see how the bike goes and it’s not disappointing – in fact, it works well to combine both office work and a bit of regular workout. The machine is reliable and a joy to use, with a solid movement experience with enough space of movement. The downside (and we consider it as a major point) is the seat can be uncomfortable to sit on, especially after using it for an hour or so, even with all the padding and cushion in the seat.

This set comes pre-assembled and a couple of fo tools to get started, but it’s always a good idea to get your own set of tools to set the whole getup. In our opinion, FitDesk exercise bike is a solid choice for a start and made to last, despite being a bit pricey compared with other brands.

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2. FLEXISPOT Desk Exercise Bike Home Office Standing Desk Cycle, Deskcise Pro – White

FLEXISPOT Desk Exercise Bike Home Office Standing Desk Cycle, Deskcise Pro – White

At a glance, it looks like FLEXISPOT Desk Exercise Bike is made by Apple. The sleek-looking, all-white assemble exercise bike is sure is all about delivering results while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time – isn’t that what Apple does?

All jokes aside, this working bike is well-made and a dream to use. The bike is versatile to suit pretty much for all kinds of workout, with the pedals move smoothly and quietly for a pleasant experience.

The seat is also surprisingly comfortable that you can work your way for a couple of hours without restraint. The minor gripe is the seat is certainly takes some time to get used to.

You can adjust the tension of the bike with a dial located at the middle of the bike, and it comes with eight levels to suit a wide variety of users, from youngsters to elders. Overall built is the bike is all about being light and sturdy, but it does compromise one of the main components of the bike – the working desk.

There’s a bit of snag with this bike, though; the surface desk can be shaky for some. You need to adjust a bit to avoid the legs and the seat from bumping in the way while working and honestly, there’s no way to get around this snag without hunching over while working – keep changing position while working to avoid any muscle strain, to avoid this issue is the only way to go.

That said, the bike is still worthy in our opinion. Being portable and lightweight, consider this working bike as something that you can use while watching tv, doing a light reading, or working out while listening to a podcast, instead of heavy duty work with your laptop.

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3. FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike and Office Workstation with Massage Bar

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike and Office Workstation with Massage Bar

Another FitDesk exercise bike that we’re happy o include in the list – the working bike is a dream to use, with it’s built and materials used that to give you a comfortable experience. And it’s lightweight too. This model is the upgraded version from 2.0, with better seats and product design that is made to last.

The bike comes with a durable steel frame, a padded seat, and backrest, as well as a three-piece cranking system for smooth and effortless pedaling and being quiet while at it. The desk is fully adjustable that you can turn and tilt according to your needs, that appeals for both short and tall people. The knob at the side offers eight different tensions that you can use to challenge yourself while working out.

As for the handlebar that accompanies the desk, while it’s great while working out, it may cause a bit of interference while working on your laptop, unless you’re standing up.

Portability is also included in this model – transport wheels at the bottom of the frame will do your job easier to move around the machine as you need.

To put it simply, this is a solid choice that we think, is worthy of investment for your health.

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4. Exerpeutic EXERWORK 2000i Bluetooth Folding Exercise Desk Bike with 24 Workout Programs and Free App

Go all-tech with this folding exercise bike, Exerpeutic EXERWORK 2000i Bluetooth Folding Exercise Desk Bike comes with excellent 24 workout programs and level tensions that you can use to workout and challenge yourself, with convenience.

At a glance, the folding bike offers a cushion seat and backrest with a desk couple with a timer five-inch display at the bottom so you can do the work while keeping an eye at the tracker at the same time, with it’s Cloud Fitness app that you can download (there’s also an option where you can opt out from the whole Bluetooth app thing).

The desk itself is fully adjustable that you can set either when you’re standing or sitting on the bike and we love the slight elevated at the bottom of the desk (that also houses the display) so you won’t worry for your laptop/tablet sliding off while working out.

What about the seat? It’s comfortable for sure. The upgraded thick airsoft seat that can be adjusted to provide the most ultimate comfort possible according to your needs, while the seat being breathable so you can sit and do the work for hours. And yes, the backrest can be adjusted as well to prevent your back from injuries common;y associated with staying in sitting position for too long.

Overall, this bike is are is solid and comfy. The downside is a poor product design that seems to left short people out during brainstorming sessions – the distance between the seat and the pedal can’t be adjusted comfortably for short people, without compromising on the desk part.

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5. EFITMENT Folding Desk Bike, Semi Recumbent Workstation Exercise Bike for Laptop

EFITMENT Folding Desk Bike, Semi Recumbent Workstation Exercise Bike for Laptop

One word: EFITMENT Folding Desk is about being a compact bike without compromising on the quality of your workout routine. We love with its product design and excellent folding capabilities and transportation wheels included in the whole getup that you can easily fold and move around without the need to drag it.

The desk feature is adjustable and able to hold weight up to 20 lbs (more than a laptop and mouse combo), with the desk can be tilted effortlessly to suit your needs for ergonomic comfort.

And as a bonus, a water holder for convenience because after all, don’t you bring a bottle of water while working out? The padded seat is exceptionally comfortable that you can use the machine for longer periods of time. A digital monitor is also included in the set, to track essential data such as time, speed, and calories for your convenience.

In short, EFITMENT Folding Desk is an all-rounder exercise bike that you just got to have.

The minor downside is the desk is non-removable, although perhaps it won’t bother you as this bike is working as it supposed to do – a work exercise bike combo.

Check it out here !

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