Handicap Scooters Review: The Best Mobility Scooters for Seniors and Disabled Individuals

Are you looking for ways to move around, better than a regular wheelchair would? Consider an electric mobility scooter; the nifty machine that combines both wheelchairs and electric scooters, for you to get the best of both worlds. Nifty, I know. Read on what we have compiled right here, on everything you need to know for a best electric mobility scooter for you.

While reading all the good stuff you can get from buying an electric mobility scooter, you may wonder if the money spent is worth every cent. It can be pricey, there’s no doubt about that, but the answer would be is to narrow down the features to what you only need, to get the most out of the buck.

If you’re planning to use the machine for moving around, especially in places where a lot of walking is involved (say, shopping?), a suitable electric mobility scooter would be the kind that are lightweight (relatively with other models) and can be folded quickly and stored away at the back of your car, or even carrying it together when travel in an airplane.

The machine can be divided into indoor or outdoor uses. Indoor uses are mainly for inside or well-paved roads as the wheels are less durable than the one created for outdoor uses. Naturally, the same can’t be said for the outdoor electric mobility scooter, as the wheels are more than capable to use indoors (although can look a bit bulky and tricky to maneuver in narrow hallways).

Hence, if you plan to move around in places where the land can be rough and tricky, an electric mobility scooter with wide and big wheels (especially at the rear) and comes in four wheels is your best choice as they’re most stable and able to maneuver rough terrains effortlessly. As opposed to three wheels, this type is relatively less stable than the four wheels but the maneuverability is superior which makes it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor with good, smooth terrain.

The reason why people are getting an electric mobility scooter is simply to make their lives easier. As walking can be hard (either temporarily or permanently) this also means potential hassle to others as more time wasted as well as the need to consider places where a handicapped person can travel to. Hence, adding mobility with this scooter can make everyone’s life quicker and easier.

Just for a heads up, though. An electric mobility scooter can cost you from $500 to $4000, depending on the brand, features, and material used. But rest assured, the models are made to be as durable and long-lasting as possible and we have compiled for you top electric mobility scooters that you can review and choose.

1. Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter tops the list as one of the best mobility scooters available in the market. Features include a seat that you can turn and adjustable (covering most sizes) and padded armrests. Impressive features that make this scooter your first choice for all-around mobility and convenience.

Even if this scooter is marketed only for indoor use, the wheels are wide enough and sturdy that you can drive around at smooth outdoor terrain with small roots and bumps effortlessly – a big point compared with Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 3 reviewed below.

Don’t drive around hard terrain, deep puddles and sandy area though, the scooter is too heavy and too fragile to do so that it may come apart if you force it to drive around in it.

The most obvious feature that we love is the add on a plastic basket that is sturdy and big enough to hold every day’s item or perhaps a trip to the store. One user added that you can even add another basket at the back of the seat (some DIY is needed, though) to add more space for the scooter.

As an additional feature, we love that this scooter is easy to assemble and disassemble (including the battery pack for separate charging) that packing for travel can be a breeze.

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2. Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 3 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 3 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

If you’re looking for superb maneuverability, Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 3 is definitely the right choice. This model comes with features as Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel but it works far better in terms of movement (the turning radius is 45.5 inches less than the four wheels one.) that for anyone looking for easy driving and always on the go, this model is the answer.

Keep in mind while this model is all about the speed, the possibility of it tipping over can be high as well, that anti-tip wheels included might not be enough. Hence, users recommended not to go maximum speed while driving around in this scooter to avoid a potential accident (unlike Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 that still can handle top speed while not easily tipped over – it’s all due to the center of gravity).

Just the four-wheel variant, the package comes with a battery pack, easy to assemble and disassemble, and ergonomic control for an effortless drive.

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3. Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride

Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride
Breaks down into 5 smaller parts

Travel Pro Premium 3 provides all of the mobility and independence you’re looking for, in a mobility scooter. The compact three-wheel drive is perfect to use for both indoors and outdoors, especially in tight space (better than Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 3) with a sharp turning radius. We think Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter is all about speed – top speed of 4mph with a 6.3-mile drive range, forward and reverse controls on top f sharp turning radius is an essential feature if you are always on the move.

This model runs a bit small in our opinion (does not hold up more than 180 lbs)that for most people can be beneficial as you can pack it and move around on the goo effortlessly. The seat is comfortable enough with fully padded seats and armrests that are adjustable to suit every height range. And the impressively, the padded armrests can be flipped over for convenience, such as during eating and getting on and off from the scooter.

If you’re on the light side, we highly recommend this model as added top speed can give you the advantage to keep up with your daily affairs.

Include a front basket, as well as a free cup holder and a storage bag (A bonus point right here!).

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4. BUZZAROUND EX 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter White, 18-Inch Seat

BUZZAROUND EX 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter White, 18-Inch Seat
Can be easily disassembled wirelessly in 4 steps

For anyone that spent a lot of time outdoors, BUZZAROUND EX 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter White is the right model for you. Made to drive for long range (up to 18 miles in nine-inch tires, coupled with suspension springs for comfort), we love the scooter comes with an additional feature of ultra-bright LED headlight and taillight for visibility at night and gives you smoothest ride.

Buzzaround is definitely made for long drives – the seat is extremely comfortable (better than other models) with adjustable armrests (not able to flip it though) and tilt steering wheel to adjust as well, and considered to be one of the most powerful scooters in the market. Robust and sturdy materials are used for the frame, we think this scooter is a beast to drive with.

Well, we say this scooter is a beast; it’s also bulky to drive into so it’ may not be a good choice if your home has tight corners and spaces or if you plan to lug it around during travel – reserved this scooter strictly for indoor and nearby outdoor uses (outdoor with heavy terrain will be a breeze with this model as well).

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5. Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter

Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter

Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Travel Mobility is another model for speed and excellent maneuverability. Featuring a standard speed of four miles per hour and easy to controller tiller, this lightweight mobility scooter does give you a smooth drive, for drivers up to 260 lbs in weight.

The whole setup is easy to assemble (with auto-lock mechanism for frame assembly in one hand) and being lightweight, you can carry it around almost anywhere – a perfect choice if you plan to use it indoor as well as for travel frequently. And yes, this scooter is suitable for indoors; not so much with outdoors, especially in hard, rough terrain. Compared with other indoor scooters, we highly recommend that you only use it inside to ensure that it’ll last long, as most users bought this model and note that the scooter is indeed sturdy and made to last.

For a price with smooth operation, simple setup and longevity, this mobility scooter is indeed a solid choice.

With a 260 lb. weight capacity, a maximum speed up to 4 mph, a per charge range up to 6.9 miles, Go-Go Ultra X is an exceptional value

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6. Pride Mobility S74 Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter For Adults

Pride Mobility S74 Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter For Adults

Another Pride Mobility scooter in four wheels that comes in this review, the scooter is all about being extra (and handy) add-ons.

The stable scoter comes with big front deck basket for storage, adjustable upholstered seat, backrest, and armrests for maximum comfort and covering all height and size ranges, a tiller for control and additional lighting system included in the scooter.

Looking at the design, we recommend this model if you are heavier on the side(325 lbs weight capacities) – the scooters’sturdy and durable frame and power provides you with simple use and speed (runs at 14 miles per charge , 4.7 miles per hour) that it can be very beneficial for you to keep up with your family, effortlessly.

The only downside is the price though, but don’t let that put you off as considering the features (including extras) make this scooter a beauty and a worthwhile investment.

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